How To Eat Like A Viking?

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How To Eat Like A Viking?

The image of a Viking life would not be complete without the study of the Viking traditional eating habits. They were not the Viking warriors only. They were the ordinary Viking warriors who would love to lead a peaceful life and uphold the traditional customs. One thing that we should carefully consider was the Viking habit of food and eating. 

Image of Viking warrior

Many believe that eating like a Norsemen would help better our health. Not the majority of them would be the brutal warriors who dropped their swords after a day to enjoy the meals savagely. They had a menu of delicious and healthy food that could serve their hungry stomach. 

Eat the rollmop

Rollmop was also the pieces of herring that were rolled up and preserved in vinegar. They were usually stored in jars and would be taken out when used. Herring was a wonderful source of vitamin D. The Vikings ate herring cold after it was pickled, or even smoked, fried, or breaded. 

Bite the cabbage

It was recommended that the Vikings chomp down the cabbage. This type of vegetables was fermented so that it would be able to last in the long winter. The Viking would take it out the chomp down.

Prepare for weird things

The Scandinavian people loved to have food rich in protein in their meals. They were probably the meat that would serve. But you might find it a little bit difficult to accept, like the Norwegian favorite smalahove, the smoke head of a lamb. 

Eat anything that land provided

Yes, the Vikings did eat anything that their land provided. Many this was part of their belief related to their ancestors from their land. Some accounts telling that the Viking beserkers once ate anything that they could put their hands on, including the mushroom.

Consume dairy

Dairy appeared many times in the Viking daily diet. Even the Viking warriors knew the animal husbandry. Not only did cows and sheep provide meat but they were also the fresh source of milk, cheese, and butter to the Vikings.

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