Who Were The Most Powerful Sons of Odin?

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Who Were The Most Powerful Sons of Odin?

Every time I thought about Odin, I thought something new about him, as if he was trying to communicate something new with us, teaching us something that we are yet to know. Today, my thought is all about the sons of Odin including Thor, Vidar, and Baldur. Although Odin had many sons, three of them were the most famous and powerful in Asgard. 


Thor was the son of Odin and Jord the earth giant. He is now the most famous Norse god thanks to the success of some blockbusters adapting Thor in Norse mythology. 

Thor was the god of thunder and storm. He had the Mjolnir hammer from which he could create lightning and thunder. Thor was the fear of the giant who would be beheaded the moment Thor saw them. Thor spared no lives for those who dared to harm his family and beloved ones. 

Thor was the best image of a Viking warrior spirit: brave, powerful, and family-orientated. 

Thor Norse god


Vidar was an obscure son of Odin. We are yet to know his mother. Before stealing the show of Norse mythology, Vidar was known as the god of silence. He had a garden in Asgard where he would spend most of his time sitting and gazing in the garden. There, he grew plants and trees and flowers. 

The most important moment of Vidar happened in Ragnarok. When nearly all the brothers of his fell, Vidar rose to his power. He managed to slay Fenrir the Wolf to seek revenge for his father - Odin. 

Vidar killed Fenrir


Baldur was the most beloved god in Asgard. Everyone in the cosmos loved Baldur for his kindness and generosity. Baldur was the only son of Odin and Frigg the Queen. 

But Baldur was prophesied to be dead when he reached the age of a man. Baldur then was sent to Hel and lived there with Hel until the days of Ragnarok came to pass. 

The Death of Baldur


Until now, there is no agreement about who is the most powerful son of Odin. Because each of them had each distinctive power. If we put all of them in an order of time, we can see that Thor presented the past, Vidar was the present and Baldur was the future. 

Thor was slain by Jormungandr before Vidar killed Fenrir. And Baldur was the only one to become the ruler of the future of the new Norse Pantheon. 

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