Viking Gokstad Ship: Famous Viking Icon in Norway

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Viking Gokstad Ship: Famous Viking Icon in Norway

Viking Gokstad ship is one of the most fully-excavated Viking ships on planet Earth. 

The Gokstad ship wasn't just a Viking ship. It was a part of a burial mound of a great figure in the Viking age. A scientific article in 1883, people knew about the Gokstad ship as the ship of Olaf Geirstad-Alf a petty Viking king in Norway. However, recent research has shown that the ship didn't belong to King Olaf.  

One more important thing is Gokstad ship is considered as an iconic Viking symbol in Denmark. 

The ship is oak-built with around 24 meters in length (76ft) and 5.2 meters in width (17ft). There are 32 oar holes with 16 holes on each side. The ship is built to carry around 22 oarsmen.

The ship dated back to the 9th century when the Vikings reached their glory. Until 1880, the sons of the Gokstad farmland finally dug up the land with their spades to prove the legends they had been hearing for a long period of time. 

Below are some amazing photos of Viking Gokstad in the museum. 

Gokstad Ship

Viking Gokstad ship

Gokstad ship

Viking Gokstad ship

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