What Is the Appeal of Norse Mythology?

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What Is the Appeal of Norse Mythology?

Norse mythology has been a great source of inspiration for us for decades. The question is what is truly the appeal of Norse myth that helps it survive the test of time? 

Gods are fallible

The word "god" will make us think of supernatural beings with perfection and that's what human beings chase after for the whole life. But in Norse mythology, gods are depicted just like normal people with mistakes and ambitions. This concept in Norse myth is that gods don't resemble human beings but it is humans that resemble gods.

Gods have mistakes. They mistreat Loki's family, torturing Loki's children, burning Freya from another god tribe, etc. Although they appear to be beautiful and flawless, they aren't. They age, they are motivated by greed, they feel sad and suffer from sorrow. And even gods can stumble, humans can too. No one is perfect. Perfection is just an impossible goal yet we (as well as the gods) have to pursue. 

Odin the Allfather and Huginn adn Muninn

Odin the Allfather and ravens, Huginn and Muninn

Beautiful vibes are all around

Norse mythology is full of motivation for us. Each figure appears in Norse myth will definitely give us a lesson. Odin the Allfather inspires us to crave knowledge, to look through things carefully from the internal self, not just external force. Thor wants us to defend our beloved ones in life. Frigg teaches us, especially those who become mothers, to love, to understand, and to sacrifice for those who need us the most. Freya wants all the girls and women to be free and to prove themselves to the whole world out there. 

So many beautiful vibes surround Norse mythology, not just bloodshed and revenge. If we read Norse myth carefully, what we learn from it is just amazing. 

People from different ethnicities can live together

Cultural and religious difference is forever a matter of debate even in modern time. Yet, a big lesson from Norse mythology is people from different ethnicities can live together. They can even support and help others to become better versions of themselves. 

Burn the Witch Norse mythology

"Burn the Witch" - the reason for Aesir-Vanir war 

The most outstanding example is the war of gods at the beginning of Norse mythology. But then a peace treaty was born. Gods from Aesir would come to Vanaheim and gods from Vanir would come to Asgard. And it turned out that they lived harmoniously despite the war and the hatred in the past. 

Love conquers all

Two shining examples from Norse mythology that tell us the power of love is about the love story of Freyr and that of Loki. 

Freyr was the god of summer and sunshine. One day, he fell in love at first sight with a giantess named Gerd. The love for this giantess grew bigger until one day Freyr decided to give up his powerful sword in order to win the hand of Gerd. The loss of this powerful sword is believed to be one of the factors that made Freyr lose his fight in Ragnarok. 

Another story is about Loki and Sigyn the faithful wife of Loki. Sigyn was one of the most obscure figures in Norse mythology. When Loki was captured by the gods for killing Baldur the son of Odin, it was only Sigyn who stayed with Loki through his punishment. Even if everyone was against the trickster, his wife wasn't one of them. 

The punishment of Loki and Sigyn was the only one who stayed with Loki through the hardest part of his life.

Sigyn the faithful wife who stayed with Loki when the whole world was turning their back against him

Love is so popular a theme in literature and we might not feel it special when we read it. But love in Norse mythology is depicted in a very humble way and we have to focus very much in order to realize the hidden message from each line in the story. 

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