Sverd i fjell: "Swords in Rock" Symbol of Peace

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Sverd i fjell: "Swords in Rock" Symbol of Peace 

One of the most famous Viking monuments in Norway is Sverd i fjell "Swords in Rock". Standing near the bank of the Hafrsfjord are three giant Viking swords. They are the Sverd i fjell. 

Long story short, the Sverd i fjell is the monument erected by King Olaf V of Norway in 1983 to honor Viking King Harald Fairhair

So why Harald Fairhair? If Denmark had King Harald Bluetooth who united the Danes under a single banner, then Norway had Harald Fairhair who defeated other conflicting factions and united Norway under his own rule. There came united Norway. 

Swords in Rock symbol of peace in Norway

The monument consists of three bronze giant swords, 10 meters in height (~33ft). All of them were planted into the rock which coined them the name. 

It is believed that the three swords commemorate the battle of Hafrsfjord happening in 872. Legend had it that it was during this battle that Harald Fairhair gained control over Norway. At that time, like other parts in Scandinavia, Norway was shattered into pieces. Harald Fairhair and two more petty kings joined the battle against each other.

Viking swords in the rock

The two petty kings lost to the hand of this powerful hero. And the three swords present the three kings in the battle. The biggest sword with the decorated hilt allegedly presents Harald Fairhair while the other two belong to the petty kings. 

The swords present the prowess of the Vikings, freedom, peace, and unity as well. Because the swords are planted into the rocks, peace is promised. No more blood would be shed. 

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