Viking Symbols: Viking Protection Symbols

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Viking Symbols: Viking Protection Symbols

With the nomadic lives and the deeply-ingrained religious belief, the Vikings always wished for protection from their Gods. Possibly, this gave birth to many Viking Protection Symbols. Here is a list of awesome Viking Protection Symbols.

1. Valknut Supreme Symbol of Odin

Valknut is the symbol of three interlocking triangles pointing upward. The name "Valknut" is coined later though the symbol of interlocking triangles appeared in Viking stones and artifacts. The symbol is believed to be Odin's symbol. Because it "coincidentally" appeared with either Odin or Odin's constant companions like ravens or wolves. 

Image of Valknut viking symbol

Valknut Viking Tattoo

Valknut is the Viking symbol of protection for carrying within itself the power of Odin. Viking warriors would apply Valknut symbol on their bodies or jewelry and join battles. Because they believed with the Valknut symbol, they would be protected in the battles. If they couldn't survive, Valknut symbol presented Odin welcoming them to Valhalla. 

Image of Valknut symbol viking protection symbol
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2. Mjölnir Hammer Viking Best Amulet

The most common jewelry found in Viking sites was in the form of Mjolnir hammer. Many might doubt whether those artifacts presented Mjolnir hammer or not. Good thing is, they presented Mjolnir hammer as the excavators found out the pendant with runic inscription "This is a Hammer". Mjolnir hammer was the most favorite Viking symbol that the warriors would wear as their Viking Jewelry into battles. With Mjolnir hammer symbol, they believed they would be endowed with Thor's physical strength and bravery. 

Image of Viking Jewelry artifact

Mjolnir hammer pendant artifact

In this day and age, Mjolnir hammer also become a trendsetting pattern for Viking Jewelry design. To those who wish Thor to be in their lives and offer them the generosity, Mjolnir Hammer Jewelry is the best choice. (See more Best Viking Jewelry Amulet)

3. Helm of Awe Ægishjálmur

Helm of awe was an ancient Viking symbol. The symbol consists of eight spikes radiating out as if they were protecting the central point. 

Image of Viking helm of awe

Viking Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe

I bear the helm of awe
between my brows!


Thus a man could meet his enemies and be sure of victory

The symbol also becomes trendy in Viking Jewelry Design. The symbol will provide its wearers with great protective shelter against any negative force surrounding. 

Image of Viking protection symbol

Helm of Awe Raven Skull Necklace

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