Viking Ringerike Styles and Where to Find Them?

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Viking Ringerike Styles and Where to Find Them?

Coming up next in the series of Viking art is the Viking Ringerike style which is more complicated compared with other former Viking styles. 

In fact, the Viking Ringerike Style was the "upgraded" version of Mammen style. This style dominated Viking society in the first half of the 11th century. The most common motifs are lions, birds, and spirals. It received the name thanks to the Ringerike district of Oslo. 

Compared with the Mammen animals, those of the Ringerike Styles were thinner and more curvaceous. 

There were no longer round eyes. All of them were almond-shaped eyes in the Ringerike style. The heads of the animals could still be observed in profile and spirals presented in the hip joints. On the head of the animals, tendrils were quite short and slim. 

Below are some famous examples of the Viking Ringerike Styles:

Vang Stone in Oppland

Vang Stone in Oppland famous for the red carving of Viking Ringerike style

The Söderala weathervane with the Viking Ringerike pattern

The Söderala weathervane

Viking Ringerike Stone

Viking Ringerike style

Viking Ringerike Stone

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