Viking Jewelry

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Viking Jewelry

People from any time would love to enhance their look. In the ancient times, the Vikings loved to wear the jewelry not only to better their appearance but also to call for the divine help. Regardless of their occupations, whether farmers or warriors, the Viking just loved their jewelry. 

The Viking jewelry in the ancient time could be made from the metal like gold or silver. However, the majority of the metal did not come from the Scandinavia. Rather, they were from the foreign lands, for example from the coins traded overseas by the merchants. Silver was the most popular and favorite material to create the Viking jewelry. 

Image of Viking jewelry the Vikings

Viking jewelry excavated

Of course, not all the Viking jewelry was made of metal like gold or silver. The Vikings also wore beads and pendants that were made from precious stones as well. Besides being a decorative jewelry, the Vikings used their jewelry as their wallets. For example, the Viking kept their silver (like money in our times) in their armbands.

Viking jewelry items

The love for jewelry of the Vikings meant that they came up with many ideas to decorate their jewelry. And they created their jewelry in many forms such as rings, necklaces, armbands, etc. Some of the Viking jewelry was functional like the Viking armbands while some only served the decorative purposes. 

Viking necklace

The Viking commonly made their necklace from precious metal or natural fibre. They came in with many sizes and lengths. The Viking Necklaces were often accompanied with the pendants which were usually made from the glass beads or precious stones. The pendants on the necklace were often the gifts or the religious connections. 

There also existed the Viking neck-rings according to the archaeologists. Neck-rings were excavated from the hoards, not the graves so it is hard to tell which gender wore the Viking neck-rings. 

Viking pendants

When it comes to the Viking Pendants, we will definitely think about many shapes and designs of them. Because they could be in the form of Mjolnir hammer pendants, Valknut pendants, Yggdrasil pendants, etc. Though there were many types of the Viking pendants, the reputation of the Mjolnir hammer pendants was hard to be rivalled. Pendants of other Viking symbols did appear in a few graves but they were not common. 

Image of Viking Thor hammer pendant amulet

Ancient Thor hammer as the Viking amulet

Viking beads

Viking beads were something that people held in high esteem. Because there were few Viking beads were found in the grave, presenting its rarity. The scholars claimed that the Viking beads served to show to social status and material wealth. Viking beads inspire the world of jewelry in this day and age. Many Viking beads now appear with many beautiful designs, especially the Viking rune beads. If you already have some rune beads, check out blog How to wear Rune Beads like a Viking

Image of Viking rune beads

Viking rune bead as the beard ring


Viking rings

Rings are the awesome jewelry of any times. In the Viking age, rings only became popular in the later stages. Viking Rings were found in many Viking grave sites. Most of them were the flexible rings that could fit any fingers with little effort. The Viking rings have also become a wonderful source to design many Viking-motif stylish rings in this day and age. 

Viking earrings

Unlike rings, the earrings were not common in the Viking age. Many believed that both genders of the Vikings could wear the earrings. The design of the ancient Viking earrings was different from that of now. Because in the Viking ancient time, the Viking earrings were prone to cover the whole ears of the wearers. 

Viking bracelets

Viking Bracelets, also known as the Viking armbands, were immensely popular in the Viking culture. The Viking armbands served as the decorative and commercial purposes. Many ornate Viking bracelets present the social power of the wearers and their material wealth. The Viking bracelets also came in from many designs and shapes.

Image of Viking ancient bracelet

Viking ancient bracelet

Image of Viking bracelet Vikings

Viking Wolf Head Bracelet inspired by the ancient Viking bracelet


To any Viking lovers, the Viking accessories are the must-have. Because not only will it help exude the Viking look in you but it is also a Viking reminder of yours. Any Viking jewelry presents your belief in Norse gods, in the Viking traditions, and in your admiration to the Vikings. They connect with fate and nature. They are pieces of masterful artistry.  

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