Viking Gods

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Viking Gods


Odin was the Aesir chief god who presided over Asgard. He was the husband of the chief goddess. Odin was the god of war, knowledge, poetry, and a wanderer. Odin was also famous for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He sacrificed his eye and got tormented with a view to gaining knowledge. The weekday “Wednesday” bears his name.

Image of Viking Odin the Allfather


Thor was the god of Thunder, Lightning, and Storm. His supreme weapon was his Mjolnir Hammer. With the aid of this hammer, Thor defended Asgard and gods against the Giant and other devils. He then was the god of protection, courage, and generosity.




Image of Thor and his chariot


Frigg was the Aesir chief goddess who got married to Odin. She was the mother of the beloved god Baldur. Frigg was associated with foreknowledge and wisdom. The English weekday “Friday” is believed to have its origin from the name of Frigg.

Image of Frigg Odin's wife


Tyr was the god of justice and heroic glory. He was so brave that he was the only god that dared to approach Fenrir. Tyr lost his hand to Fenrir when he volunteered to be a bait to trap Fenrir into being bound.

Image of Tyr and Fenrir

Freyr and Freya

Freyr was one of the powerful Vanir twin gods. He was the god of fertility, prosperity, sunshine, and fair weather. Freyr fell in love with a Jotun (a giant) who later became his wife. But before that, Freyr devoted his powerful sword to the father of his future wife. This to some extent contributed to the Freyr’s defeat in Ragnarok.

Image of Freyr and Freya Norse mythology Vanir gods

Freya was the sister of Freyr. She was also the god of fertility, love, beauty, and war. Indeed, Freya was so beautiful a goddess that she won the hearts of many beings in the cosmos. She was also the goddess of war who shared the bravest warriors with Odin. She came to dwell in Asgard with some Vanir gods as a peace treaty after the Aesir and Vanir clash.


Njord was the father of Freyr and Freya. He came to dwell in Asgard and brought his twin children with him. He was the god of sea and seafarers. Njord got married to the giantess Skadi. They, however, could not live happily and soon broke up. Because Skadi could not bear the sounds of sea waves in Njord’s house and Njord was unhappy with Skadi cold mountain.

Image of Njord Vanaheim ruler Norse mythology seafaring god


Baldur was the beloved god in Norse mythology. He was so shining and beautiful that any being in the cosmos would bow before him. 

Image of Baldur Odin's son

The unfortunate death of Baldur fueled the fear among the gods and others as it was the harbinger of Ragnarok. Baldur came back to life after Ragnarok had come to pass. He was of few gods that survived Ragnarok and entered the new world.


Vidar was the son of Odin the Allfather. His home was full of trees and flowers. Vidar spent most of his time being silent in his own peaceful garden. In Ragnarok, Vidar killed Wolf Fenrir as a revenge for his father’s death.

Image of Vidar and Fenrir Norse mythology


Heimdall was another son of Odin and nine maidens. He was the watchman of Asgard.

Image of Heimdall Asgard watchman

He had a very sharp eyesight, an acute hearing, and a clever mind. He once blew his horn to alarm the gods with the coming Giant army in Ragnarok.


Idun was a beautiful god who guarded the apple of youth in Norse mythology. Without the apples of Idun, the Norse gods would quickly become old.

Image of Idun Norse goddess Norse mythology

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