Viking Bear Jewelry: Symbol of Resilience, Bravery, and Odin Worship

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Viking Bear Jewelry: Symbol of Resilience, Bravery, and Odin Worship

The legacy that the Vikings left is not just the sagas and artifacts. On top of that, it is the inspiration for many artworks. The Viking inspiration from tales and symbols breaths a life and meaning to anything. What we are to focus today is the Viking Bear Jewelry which is the Viking Symbol of Resilience, Bravery, and Odin Worship. 

Why bear is involved?

It is not about the hunting or chasing in the jungle. Rather, it was the legendary tales that talked about the story of the berserkers who wore the bearskin and joined the battle. According to the tale, the berserkers were the elite warriors in one army. No armour needed, they just went to the battle and fought until their last breath. 

Image of the Vikings Viking warrior berserker

Viking berserker worshipped Odin and would fight until their last breath was taken

To add more horror to the story, the berserkers experienced a kind of possession. Specifically, the body belonged to the warriors were reigned by some higher power or spirit. This explained why the berserkers would battle as if they were in a trance, knowing nothing but killing the opponents. They would only stop when they were done. Nothing ever could prevent them from destroying the enemies' lines. The Viking Berserker spirit is also among the greatest inspirations for many Viking enthusiasts. 

Viking Berserker symbol as the Viking Jewelry

As we believe, every Viking jewelry carries the magical story of the greatness. 

Viking symbol of resilience 

What is the meaning of resilience do you think? For the berserkers, the resilience might have meant to fight against any enemy troop no matter how hard or tired the berserkers they might feel. 

Looking at the bigger viewpoint, resilience is the ability to withstand the adversities of life, any trouble, any loss of material, or any trauma. The berserkers bore the burden different from us. All they might face was the burden to win the war and we cannot feel it in this era. What we can see is the great burden everyone has on their shoulder. And the resilience is what we need and should cultivate to tolerate hardship in life. 

Image of Viking berserker jewelry Viking bear warrior necklace

Viking Bear Paw Pendant Necklace presents both the resilience and the warning for the enemies

Viking symbol of bravery 

The meaning of bravery is somewhat similar to that of bravery. It is not because you are afraid of something. We all live with fear either big or small. We all do. But the difference between each person is the decision to give up or to face the fear and deal with it. One type of person let the fear own their life while the others own their fear. The former is the group of bravery. It took bravery for the Viking berserkers to encounter the great enemies to defend their brothers. And it also takes us bravery to encounter our fear to protect our beloved and ourselves. 

Image of the Viking jewelry Viking berserker

Viking Berserker Bear Pendant Necklace: Ain't no fear not to be faced

Viking symbol of Odin worship

Maybe it was Odin who empowered the Viking berserkers. As far as we believe, one must have a relationship with their gods in order to be helped. It meant that the Viking berserkers who worshipped Odin were blessed by Odin the Allfather. According to some sources, the Viking berserkers were the dangerous and skilled fighters who were associated with Odin. With the presence of the berserker symbol, we can see the presence of Odin next to. 

Overall, the Viking symbol of berserkers or bear means something outstandingly great. Interpretation varies from person to person. But after all, it will lead our way to the belief of resilience, bravery, and Odin. 

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