This Viking Berserker Spirit Will Help You Out Of Adversities

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This Viking Berserker Spirit Will Help You Out Of Adversities

The  Viking berserkers are not the strange term to many of us. Historical or not, the Viking berserkers always fuel us with a kind of fire that is sure to burn down the enemies of us. The common value that the Viking berserkers share from account to account is the warrior spirit of fighting until their last breath. 


The answer to the question whether the Viking berserkers are historical or not remains a mystery. What we know about these figures lie in very few materials. The Viking berserkers are the ones who would wear no metal armour and enter the battlefield. They were armorless and still willing to join the battle to sacrifice not only for their clan but also for Odin the Allfather. Legend had it that the berserkers would howl and scream when they fought against their enemies. They were completely different when they joined the battle. These warriors would know no pain and no fire and flame could burn them. 

Image of Viking Berserker spirit

Viking berserker worshipped Odin the Allfather

The value that we want to focus on is that the Viking berserkers would fight until their last breath was taken. The Viking berserkers would become as weak as the infants after their battle ended. Because all of their energy had been spent on the battle. 

Image of viking berserker spirits

The Viking berserkers would fight until their last breath was taken


If we ever toss and turn over the tales of the Vikings, we are able to see the valuable lesson from it. Take a look at the Viking berserkers, what we learn from them is the belief that you can achieve anything as long as you put your thought in it. 

Nothing could ever bother the berserkers whenever they joined the battle. What those warriors saw in that time was the fact that they would just fight off the enemies and achieve their goals. 

Image of Viking berserkers viking warrior spirit

Bend the battle to your will

Nothing could ever prevent you from achieving your goal apart from yourself. You are the only limit. The majority of people want to lead a mediocre life because they often view everything as their limits. They will not go to the gym to exercise because of the judgements on their body. They will not dare to skip their boring job because of the fear of something new and unfamiliar. But looking at a wider view, what prevents them from reaching their goal is just themselves. Because of this, they live their lives in the comfort zone, in the average zone, and in the coward zone. 

What makes the berserkers different from other average troops was their determination to bend the battle to their will. While the other warriors might join the battle and much depended on their brothers. The berserkers would love to walk and fight alone. They fought in an independent and flexible way. 

Image of VIking warrior battle

The limit imposed on you is just yourself. Step over it and live your life out of the comfort zone.

What makes you different from other is your determination to go to any lengths to achieve your goals. People might give up when they feel tired. The different and special person will only stop when they are done. They believe in themselves and they take actions. Tearing apart any limitation is nothing hard for this type of people who share the same value with the Viking berserkers. 

Your life is up front while the judgements are behind. No one can ever walk in your shoes for you. You are the creators of your future. If you want to make a change to the world, start with yourself first. If you want to change yourself, set a goal, see the vision, make the plans, and stick to it until you take your last breath. If you are not to hit your goal, you are sure to be land on somewhere better than you are now. 

Remember that success is not a squint. Rather, it is a marathon that will take time and much effort. 

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