Three Major Gods that The Vikings Worshipped

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Three Major Gods that The Vikings Worshipped 

In Norse mythology, there were multiple gods instead of one only. Each god embodied different qualities that humanity always wanted to have in their life. But with the archaeological and historical evidence about the major gods that the Vikings worshipped. In this blog post, we are to discuss three gods: Odin the Allfather, Thor God of thunder and storm, and Freyr God of summer and sunshine. 

Odin the Allfather 

Odin was the chief god of Asgard who ruled over Asgard the land of the Aesir gods. His hall was Valhalla the Great Hall where he would welcome the brave warriors from Midgard. These warriors once fought until their last breath. They died in battle and were chosen for Valhalla where they would feast with the gods and their fallen brothers. 

Odin the Allfather in Norse mythology

Odin the Allfather 

Odin was among the most complicated gods. He embodied many qualities that humanity wanted to have in their life. But no everyone could obtain those qualities. 

Commonly, the historians believed that the Vikings worshipped Odin for his wisdom and military prowess. 

Odin was indeed the wisest god in Asgard. He sought knowledge. He longed for it. Odin even traded his eye for more knowledge. 

If in war, Odin had the mind for military tactics and strategies. As we all know, the Vikings fought for their fortune and fame, raiding and pillaging. That's why they needed more military prowess for winning. 

Archaeological evidence also showed that the Vikings made some kinds of Odin's amulets. 

Thor God of Thunder and Storm

Indeed, with the success of some blockbusters and comics, Thor becomes the most famous gods in Norse mythology. Norse myth had it that Thor's fame in the original version could not compare with that of Odin the Allfather. 

Thor was not only god of thunder and storm but the Vikings also believed that Thor came to Midgard and offered blessings. That was one of the reasons why the Vikings worshipped Thor. 

Thor god of thunder and storm in Norse mythology

Thor god of thunder and storm

Another reason, from my personal viewpoint, was because of Thor's might in battle. Thor was powerful, at least physically. And that was one of the keys to the success in any battle. Military prowess was important. But without the physical strength, nothing would be gained. 

Freyr God of summer and sunshine

Freyr is not a common god in modern time. But in the Viking Age, the Vikings worshipped him for great weather for agriculture. 

Scandinavia was a region where the weather was harsh. That's why the Vikings wanted a god to protect them from coldness. Before Ragnarok, there were three winters coming in a row without anything in between. This left Midgard in famine, brothers killed brothers just for food and blood was everyone. This made the Vikings feared winter. 

That's why Freyr was worshipped. However, archaeological evidence about Freyr was few. 


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