Thor of Asgard: More than God of Thunderstorm

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Thor of Asgard: More than God of Thunderstorm

In Norse mythology, Thor was the son of Odin the Allfather who ruled over Asgard. Thor was the God of Thunderstorm wielding Mjolnir hammer to smash the skull of the giant who dared to piss him off. Nearly everything we know about Thor was an angry god who was physically strong and knew only fighting. But in mythology, Thor was definitely more than just a God of Thunderstorm. 

Thor was God of Strength and War

It may sound funny to some that Thor was a god of War. Yet, he was. If someone dwells deep enough to Norse myth, they will realize that not only was Odin god of war but also Thor. If Odin was the embodiment of wisdom and military tactics in battle, Thor would be the embodiment of physical strength. 

Indeed, he always appeared to be a man who had a wonderful physics with muscular. Wielding a hammer, Thor would smash any enemies' lines. Thor was ever powerful enough to lift Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent from the floor. 

Thor God of thunderstorm

Thor god of Thunderstorm and Jormungandr

Thor was God of Generosity

This point might sound even ridiculous to one because hardly do people can make a connection between Thor and "generosity". How could Thor be generous when he always wanted to wield a weapon?

However, he was. In Norse mythology, Thor would travel to Midgard the land of humanity and offered people there with his blessings. During formal ceremonies like weddings, birthday, and funeral. That's why we can call Thor god of generosity. 

Thor More than just god of thunderstorm

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