Millennium Year-Old Viking Artifact Found on Danish Farm

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Millennium Year-Old Viking Artifact Found on Danish Farm

Archaeologists uncovered many parts of Viking artifacts on a Danish farm. After studying these artifacts, the archaeologists concluded that they belonged to the Viking Age dating back to the 7th to the 11th century. 

The place where the archaeologists found out the artifacts is named Vestervang. The archaeologists found out that there were traces of Viking settlement including 18 longhouses and 21 pit houses in the site. 

What's left in the site told the archaeologists that these constructions were built up over the time of four centuries. What made the archaeologists interest the most was the collection of the Viking jewelry in this site. 

There was a head-shaped animal head piece which the archaeologists are yet to know what was its purpose the past. But with the delicate and subtle patterns, they could tell that the artifact belonged to the high-end jewelry piece in the Viking Age. This artifact features three heads all of which possibly belonged to the Viking styles. Yet, the design of this artifact was somewhat unusual and some scholars concluded it as the shamanic accessory. 

Viking high end jewelry piece found in Denmark

Viking high-end jewelry piece found in the farmland in Denmark

Another piece in the site that astonished the archaeologists was the Christian cross dating back to 500 to 750AD. The date of the Christian object even predated the farm site. Back to the Viking Age, after doing business with people from other lands, the Vikings started to get exposed to a new religion, particularly Christianity. Some of the Vikings even submitted to the cross and the number of Viking-Christians started to increase. Religious conversion was mainly because of political and commercial purpose. 

The last find included a trefoil, an oval double-shelled brooch and a copper brooch. All of these jewelry pieces were popular in the Viking Age. 

Viking cross jewelry piece

Viking jewelry with Christian cross in the middle. 

Viking jewelry trefold

Viking Trefoil brooch

Viking brooch jewelry

Viking round brooch jewelry piece

Viking brooch jewelry piece 

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