The Most Awkward Revenge In Norse Myth And Unexpected Result

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The Most Awkward Revenge In Norse Myth And Unexpected Result 

We all are allowed to feel this story a little bit awkward. But the mythological story itself is allowed to be awkward in that way as well. In Norse mythology, everything can happen, even Loki a giant could mother an eight-legged horse. Below is the most awkward revenge and it finally resulted in something out of the blue. 

The Revenge From Daughter

There was a tale in Norse mythology telling about the kidnap of Idun the guardian of the youth fruit. The kidnapper was a giant named Thjazi who later was burned to ashes by the fire of gods. 

When Norse gods were celebrating the death of the giant Thjazi and the arrival of Idunn which brought gods their beauty once again, the daughter of Thjazi appeared. Her name was Skadi meaning "harm". This giantess wore a armour and wielded weapon to come to Asgard. She straight declared to kill everyone in the feast to revenge for her father's death. We don't really know why gods didn't smash the giantess but she seemed to be so powerful that gods wanted to persuade her with soft negotiations. They convinced her by three parts of the consolatory reparations. And they managed to do so. 

Image of Skadi Norse god of winter and skiing

Skadi Norse Giantess of Winter and Skiing threatened to flatten Asgard to revenge for the death of her father

The first reparation was the place the eyes of Thjazi into the night sky so they would shine bright, leaving the good reputation for Thjazi. The eyes later became the brightest stars on the night sky. 

Secondly, the gods were to make Skadi laugh. Though everyone tried their best to make the giantess laugh, Skadi didn't show any facial movement. Until Loki's turn, Loki created a fight with a goat. Finally, he dissipated his all of his energy and rest in the lap of Skadi only to hear her chuckle. 

Third reparation was to give Skadi a husband so that she would no longer feel alone. But Skadi could only select her future husband by the sight of legs and feet. She picked the finest legs she could see because she thought it belonged to Baldur the most handsome god in the pantheon. But it turned out to be Njord the god of seafaring and ocean. And from the awkward revenge to the awkward wedding, the hilarity continued in the couple life of Njord and Skadi. 

The Awkward Wedding and Unexpected Result

I thought the product of this love fairy would be a half god half giant being as powerful as Thor. But it wasn't that easy. 

After their wedding, the couple decided where to live a happy life ever after. The conflict began right this moment. The home of Njord was Noatun the places of ships with brightness and warmth. Meanwhile, the home of his new wife, Skadi, was Thrymheim the Thunder home a dark place where the snow covering around would never melt. 

Image of Skadi and Njord

Skadi and Njord decided where to live after their wedding

Image of Njord and Skadi Norse mythology

Njord couldn't sleep in the house of Skadi for the howls of wolves

The pair agreed to travel at each place and live there for days to decide whether it was suitable or not. It started with Thrymheim. After the first nine nights, the couple made their way down the snowy mountains. Though it was the beginning of the honeymoon, Njord couldn't tolerate the coldness and the howl of wolves every day. 

After the next nine days living in Noatun, Skadi had the opinion same as Njord. She couldn't bear the cries of the seabirds and the sunny home. The sounds of seabirds made Skadi unable to sleep. She finally left the home of Njord and the pair officially "divorced" for around 20 days of tying the knot. 

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