Small Viking Tattoo with Big Meanings

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Small Viking Tattoos with Big Meanings

No one can ever deny the great fountain of meaningful symbols of the Vikings. That fountain includes many symbols whose meanings are so incredibly awesome that for sure many of us will want to have them as tattoos on the spot. Below are Small Viking Tattoos with Big Meanings that you can't help loving. 

1. Ouroboros Tattoo

Figuratively, the meaning of the Ouroboros tattoo can suggest that the new phase of life will begin as long as we are ready to let go of the past. Ouroboros is the big concept that including Jormungand the Midgard Serpent. Jormungand was the son of Loki and he occupied an important part in Ragnarok the Doom of Gods. Jormungand serpent not only presents the destruction but he also signifies the rebirth of something (A New world was born after Ragnarok).

Image of viking small tattoos jormungand tattoo

2. Ingwaz Rune Tattoo

This Ingwaz rune presents the quote "Where there's a will, there's a way". Most commonly, this rune refers to the new beginnings. 

Image of small viking tattoo Ingwaz rune tattoo

Image of small Viking tattoo ingwaz rune tattoo

3. Wunjo Rune Tattoo

This is a victory flag planted on the battlefield. There is no more suffering and hardships. The glory is at hand. 

Image of small Viking tattoo Vikings wunjo rune tattoo

4. Thurisaz Rune Tattoo

"A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of a glory". After enduring the hardships, one will get the well-deserved reward.

Image of small Viking tattoo Thurisaz viking tattoo

5. Viking Ship Tattoo

"A smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor". The Vikings must have endured the roughest sea to get to the final destination and to earn many seafaring skills. Anyone who wants to better themselves must face the most radical challenges.

Image of small Viking tattoo Viking ship tattoo

6. Viking Deer Tattoo

Deer tattoo presents the heart full of energy and the mind of consciousness. 

Image of small Viking tattoo Viking deer tattoo

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