Recipes in Norse Mythology You Won't Find It Anywhere Else

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Recipes in Norse Mythology You Won't Find It Anywhere Else 

In Norse mythology, to create something, we need recipes to make it happen. For example, to create humanity, Odin and his brothers carved them out of two logs on the seashore, then the gods blew a breath of life into these logs and there we have humanity. There were also other awkward recipes that you won't find them anywhere else from Norse mythology. 

Kvasir and the Mead of Poetry

The story of Kvasir and the Mead of Poetry went along with each other because the blood of Kvasir was the main ingredient of the Mead. 

Long long ago, when the War of Gods came to an end, the gods assembled to set up a peace treaty for both god tribes. They came together in a great hall. There lay a huge vessel. All gods had to chew strawberries and spat the resulted liquid into the vessel. And the liquid formed Kvasir.

Kvasir was the wisest creature in the cosmos. He could answer all the questions in the cosmos. There Kvasir grew up and started his life as a traveller. He travelled around the Nine Worlds to spread his knowledge. On one occasion, he came into a house of two dwarves who finally changed his life. The dwarves turned out to be greedy who wanted to brew a magical liquid which contained power. 

Kvasir the Wise Creature

Kvasir was killed by two greedy dwarf brothers who wanted to brew the Mead of Poetry out of Kvasir's blood

Then they killed Kvasir and stored his blood in huge vessels. The dwarves mixed the Kvasir's blood with honey from which they created the Mead of Poetry. Anyone who drank the Mead of Poetry would have the power to persuade other people with ease. 

Gleipnir the Magical Chain

Gleipnir was the name of the chain that Norse gods used to bind Fenrir the Wolf. 

Legend had it that Norse gods kept Fenrir up in Asgard to bring him up. There no one dared to approach him, not to say playing and feeding him. Fenrir the Little Puppy at that time must have been very lonely. 

As time progressed, he grew up into an extremely great size that could scare the gods. To a certain point, the gods decided that they couldn't keep the Wolf running freely in Asgard and they couldn't even let him roam around Nine Worlds. The only way to both protect the cosmos was to chain Fenrir. 

Fenrir the Wolf was bound by the Gleipnir magical chain

The story of the binding of Fenrir

They attempted twice to chain Fenrir up but it wasn't until the third time that they finally managed to do so. Ferir the Giant Wolf broke the first two chains easily. This worried the gods a lot until someone came up with an idea to have the chain made by the dwarves the most talented craftsmen in the world. 

To create the magical chain, the dwarves listed out the ingredients which were: the sound of cat's footstep, the roots of the mountain, the spit of the birds, the beard of the woman, the sinews of the bear, and the breath of the fish. 

Because of these incredible ingredients, the magical rope was as thin as silk yet super-powerful. And it was only until the Gleipnir chain that Fenrir was finally bound.  

Heimdall the Son of Earth, Ocean, and Sky. 

In Norse mythology, Heimdall was the son of Odin and the Nine Sea Maidens who were daughters of Aegir the Giant of the Ocean. 

On a beautiful clear day, Odin was wandering along the seashore. There he met the nine beautiful Sea Maidens whom he fell for nine of all immediately. Odin decided that he would marry all of them on the spot. And there came the marriage between the Allfather and daughters of a giant.

Together they produced Heimdall who later became the Guardsman of Asgard. Legend had it that Heimdall lived with his mothers somewhere below Asgard. And only when he fully grew up did he come to Asgard and became the Guardsman of Asgard. 

Heimdall the Guardsman of Asgard

Heimdall and the Gjallarhorn Horn

The Nine mothers nourished him with the most incredible things. They nourished him with the strength of the earth and endurance, the sea's moisture and fluid, the sky's wind, and the freshness and heat of the sun. 

These things helped Heimdall grow up rapidly within a short period of time. And when he reached his full manhood, he came to Asgard to live among his father and brothers. 

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