Odin's Sons In Norse Myth

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Odin's Sons In Norse Myth

In Norse mythology, Odin fathered so many children that nearly nobody in the myth could rival him. All of Odin's sons were powerful and had certain key roles in the myth. We cannot list exactly how many of Odin's sons. But in this blog post, we are to discover some of Odin's sons who were famous in the myth. 

Odin and his wife Frigg

Frigg was the only wife of Odin that was viewed as the Aesir chief goddess. Odin and Frigg had two sons who actually were a twin. Baldur and Hodr were their names. While Baldur was vividly depicted as so beautiful a god that everyone loved him, Hodr was just a blind god who often presented the dark side. Baldur was so shining and handsome that even the most beautiful flowers in the cosmos would bow before him. However, being cheated by Loki, Hodr unintentionally killed Baldur. This was the foretold death that Baldur dreamt about many times. Baldur was sent to the land of Helheim, land of death while Hodr was killed to make amends for his accidental murder. 

Bragi, the god of Music and Poem, was also believed to be the son of Frigg and Odin. There were, however, few materials about Bragi. This Musich and Poem god was the husband of Idunn goddess who was the guardian of the youth apples. 

Odin and giantess Jord

Love affair took place regardless of races and beliefs. While gods and giants were sworn enemies, Odin had his love affair with the female Jotun (giant) Jord. The product of this love was Thor the god of Thunder and Storm. Maybe because of the mixed blood - half giant and half god, Thor's power was second to none in the Norse pantheon. He wielded the Mjolnir Hammer to defend the whole Asgard and Norse gods. Thor also protected the human against evil and negative vibes. 

Image of Jormungand and Thor Norse mythology

Jormungand and Thor

Odin and Nine Ocean Sisters 

One day, Odin was walking along the seashore, he came across nine beautiful ladies who were the giantesses falling asleep on the beach. They were actually the sea maidens. Odin was so impressed and indulged in the beauty of the nine maidens that he decided to marry them on the spot. This gave birth to the beautiful god Heimdall who later became the watchman of Asgard. The Nine Mothers nurtured Heimdall with the strength of the earth, the moist from the sea, and the heat of the sun. The god quickly grew up into a handsome man with many great skills to become the Asgard watchman. His eyesight was very sharp that he could observe 100 miles around. His ears could hear the sound of grass growing up and the wool growing on the sheep's back. 

Odin and the giantess Grid

Vidar was the son of Odin and the giantess Grid. Like Thor, Vidar possessed incredible power but most of the times he spent his time in silence in his own garden. Vidar led a very peaceful life with growing and caring for the trees and flowers in his garden. On the days of Ragnarok, Vidar was the one that took revenge on the giant wolf Fenrir for the death of his father Odin. Because of this, Vidar was also known as the God of Revenge. 

Image of Vidar killed Fenrir Norse myth vidar god

Vidar killed Fenrir in Ragnarok

Odin and Rinda

Rinda was a Norse character that was not vividly described. She was depicted as a giantess, a goddess, or even a human princess. Rinda and Odin gave birth to Vali, the youngest child of Odin. Vali was also a quite vague character in Norse myth. With his famous arrows, Vali appeared to kill Hodr the blind god who unintentionally killed Baldur. Vali was the personification of light of the days.


Odin had so many mighty sons that he could be proud of. Another modern alternation was that Loki was the son of Odin. This is not true in Norse mythology. Because in Norse myth, Loki was also the character that came to Asgard and persuaded gods to let him stay. He was the son of a giant couple who did not have anything in common with Odin the Allfather. Generally, the sons of Odin were the most mighty ones. Even though many of them did not appear many times, they contributed a lot to the flow of the myth. 

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