Odin and Freya: They Were Remarkably Similar

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Odin and Freya: They Were Remarkably Similar

Odin and Freya were among the most popular and powerful gods in Nose Pantheon. One was the god of war and the other goddess of war. In Norse mythology, only Odin and Freya could share the fallen warriors together. 

The very first war in Norse mythology was the war between Aesir and Vanir gods. The two tribes of gods fought against one another and couldn't find out who was the winner. They called out a peace treaty and finally decided to exchange hostage. Freya came to live in Asgard land of the Aesir gods. Accompanied her were her rather Njord and her twin brother Freyr. 

Yet, the point here was that what were the things that Odin and Freya had in common. 

Recruiting the fallen warriors

The two shared the same thing which was to assemble the fallen warriors together. When half of the fallen human warriors followed Odin to Valhalla, the rest followed Freya to Folkvangr the Field of Armies. Both of them would build up the armies for themselves and when Ragnarok broke on the sky, they would bring the warriors with them to fight against the giant army. 

Hail Odin the Allfather. Only the warriors who died a warrior death could join Odin in Valhalla

Hail Odin

Magic skills

Both Odin and Freya were the practicers of magic skills which were known by a few figures in Norse mythology only. One source claimed that it was Freya who taught Odin the magic of seidr (a concept of prophecy). 

In Norse mythology, Odin was famous for various type of magic skills that he knew. He knew shapeshifting, berserker rage, reading the runes, etc. Freye knew a type of magic which Odin didn't: resurrect the dead. 

Freya Goddess of God had many magic skills

Freya was the goddess of love, war, beauty, and sex. She mastered many magic skills.

Life of travellers

Seemingly, not only Odin and Loki in Norse mythology could shapeshift but Freya could do too. Odin often changed himself into an old man with a hooded cloak with him travelling around Nine Worlds to observe things and to spread his knowledge. 

Freya also took up the life of a wanderer travelling around the world to practice her magic. People who learnt of her magic commissioned her to practice her magic. Freya also travelled around the world searching for her beloved husband whose name was Odr, a mysterious figure. 

Odin Life of a Traveller

Odin took up the life of a traveller. He travelled around the cosmos either to observe people around and to spread his knowledge 

Sleep around

There was always a reason for "All-father". Odin became "The All-father" as he had many sons with many female figures from the goddess to the giant. Seemingly all the powerful gods in Asgard were the sons of Odin. 

Freya, though didn't have many sons or daughters, was famous for entertaining four dwarves to get the most beautiful necklace named Brisingaman. Odin also slept with the giantess Gunlodd in order to get the Mead of Poetry. 

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