Freya Goddess of War: Folkvangr, Cats, and Jewelry

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Freya Goddess of War: Folkvangr, Cats, and Jewelry

Freya was among the most powerful female figures in Norse mythology. She was the princess of Vanaheim and the goddess of war. Freya was the only one in Norse mythology that could share half warriors with Odin the Allfather: half to Valhalla, half to Folkvangr. 

Folkvangr of Freya 

Folkvangr was another favorite afterlife. "Folkvangr" meant "The Field of People" or "The Field of Armies". 

According to the saga, Freya would take half of the deceased warriors in the battle to Folkvangr while the rest followed Odin the Allfather to Valhalla the Great Hall. However, no sources mentioned what the standards to go to Folkvangr were. 

Yet, the idea of Folkvangr as one of Viking afterlife met with many objections. Because many scholars believed that the concept of Folkvangr was the later creation of systematization rather than what the Vikings once believed in. 

Freya Goddess of War in Norse mythology

Freya was the goddess of war in Norse mythology


Personally, I think no animals could be as suitable for Freya as a cat. In Norse mythology, Freya had a pair of cats that could help her to pull her chariot. Although neither of them had a name, they became the constant companions of Freya wherever she went. 

Universally, cats symbolised the mystery and something unpredictable. Cats could confuse us because we hardly knew what she/he was about to. Cats could see things we couldn't see. 

Freya and her cats pulling the chariot

Freya had a pair of cats pulled her chariot for her

Freya was the same. She was a mystery and her life was too. Freya could see what other gods couldn't as she was a seeress. And Freya once confused all gods in Asgard with her magic. 

Once, she took up a life of a wanderer to spread her power. Of course, she used another name and another appearance. Then her fame finally reached the gate of Asgard and all the gods were curious about the talent of this figure. They commissioned Frey and asked her various questions. A long time of asking passed and the gods finally revealed many of their shortcomings like disobedience, unloyalty, over-ambitions, etc. At this point, Freya did make the Aesir gods confused. 


In Norse mythology, Freya had a beautiful necklace named Brisingamen which was made by the dwarves the most talented craftsmen in the cosmos. According to the saga, when Freya unintentionally saw the necklace, she fell in love with it immediately. She had no choice but to gain the necklace at all cost. And she did it. The necklace finally belonged to her. 

Although we are yet to know what is the power of Freya's necklace, we know that she couldn't live without her bracelet. Once, Thor dressed up as the bride Freya to travel to Jotunheim retrieving his hammer. And once, Thor finished his appearance with the Brisingamen, everyone believed that the bride was Freya. That's to say, how deeply associated were Freya and her Brisingamen necklace. 

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