Loki was a Viking God, wasn't he?

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Loki was a Viking God, wasn't he? 

Of all the creatures in Norse mythology, Loki must be the most complicated character. From his origin to his unpredictable deeds, no one could figure out what qualities that Loki embodied. With many materials read, it opens a question to us whether Loki was a Viking God or not?

Who were Loki's parents?

Anyone who lived in Asgard land of Gods had the blood of god running in their veins. For example, Odin was half-god, half-giant and so was Thor. But Loki wasn't the same. Loki was the product of a love affair purely of the giant. One giant couple who were vaguely described gave birth to Loki. In the beginning, Loki came from Jotunheim the land of the giant. But what we commonly knew was that Loki dwelled with Gods up in Asgard. 

Question: Why Loki lived in Asgard? If not, there would be no adventurous tales for us. According to many materials, Loki used his fast talk to persuade Norse gods to let him stay in Asgard. But what he did tell Odin and other gods remained a mystery. Anyway, Loki earned a place in Asgard though he was a giant. 

No Traces of Loki being Worshipped

With the modern arts, Loki is regarded to be a god. But there is no trace of worship of Loki survived (or maybe it even didn't exist). It would make sense if worship of Loki hadn't existed. Considering all the trouble Loki caused and all the times he put other people in embarrassment, no one would worship this kind of trickster. For instance, Loki cut off the hair of Sif Thor's wife just because he felt bored. Or finally, Loki faced the zero-tolerance punishment when he indirectly murdered Baldur the Beloved God and also Son of Odin (See more Death of Baldur). Loki is the antithesis of traditional values like honor or loyalty. 

Image of Loki punishment Norse mythology

Loki got punished for indirectly killing Baldur Son of Odin

More people are loving Loki

As time progresses, the unbiased opinion upon Loki becomes gradually accepted. Why this happens? In Norse mythology, Loki many times demonstrated his intelligence and helped Norse gods out of the troubles. He even brought to Norse gods many treasures. Gungnir spear of Odin, Mjolnir hammer of Thor, Skíðblaðnir ship of Freyr, etc. were given by Loki who traveled to Svartalfheim land of dwarves and asked them to create. 

Loki's actions are making sense day by day. When we take all the things Norse gods did to Loki's family, his revenge action made sense. Knowing Fenrir would swallow Odin in Ragnarok, Norse gods attempted to separate Loki's family member. All children of Loki were cast into different places ever since they were little. For what Loki and his family went through, the flames of hatred and desire for revenge were ignited. 

The question as to whether Loki is a god or not is a veil that hasn't been lifted. 

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