Loki: The Rudest and Cruellest in Norse mythology

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Loki: The Rudest and Cruellest in Norse mythology

If Norse mythology ever had the competition to find out who was the rudest and cruellest, Loki should be the most potential candidate. Because no one in Norse myth could beat Loki regarding the quality of being impolite in the public. 

So what did the Loki do in Norse myth to deserve the title?

Bear that in mind that the list is based on the author's point of view

Loki cut off the hair of Sif

Sif was the wife of Thor. She was famous for having a beautiful long golden hair that every woman in the cosmos should envy. But on a day that Loki felt bored, he sneaked into her room and cut her hair off without hesitation. 

Imagine how important was the hair to a woman, especially Sif who had become the symbol for her beautiful hair. It was not only the symbol of femininity. It presented the beauty of the goddess. Generally, it was the "crowning glory" for any woman to have beautiful hair. 

Thor threatened to kill Loki for he had cut the hair of Sif Thor's wife. Loki then had to compensate for his misbehavior by going the Svartalfheim to ask the dwarves to create the new hair for Sif

Loki cut off the hair of Sif which made Thor hit the ceiling 

But Loki treated Sif so wrong. Cutting off a woman's hair without her knowing and approval was not a deed of a gentleman. It was more like an impolite coward. 

Loki murdered Baldur Odin's son

This tale would make Loki be listed as the cruellest figure in Norse mythology. We don't know that whether Loki hurt Baldur intentionally or not, he did murder Baldur. 

Seeing everyone was happy to throw things at Baldur only to see it bounce off, Loki figured out that only mistletoe could harm Baldur. He started making a mistletoe arrow. 

Giving the arrow to Hodr who was the blind god and also the twin of Baldur, Loki guided Hodr to aim the arrow at his brother. And there it went directly in the chest of Baldur, he fell dead on the spot. 

Loki killed Baldur by a mistletoe arrow in Norse mythology

Loki killed Baldur with a mistletoe arrow 

Loki deserved the most severe punishment for his deed. But that cannot compare with the loss of Baldur the beloved god and the fear Loki spread. The other reason why Gods was afraid of Baldur's death was that Baldur's death was prophesied as the first sign of Ragnarok. Maybe Loki was motivated by this prophecy. He desired to put out the glory of Norse gods. 

Loki refused to save Baldur

When Baldur was dead, Aesir gods found many ways to retrieve him back. He had to leave Asgard and joined the Helheim of Hel Queen of the Dead. 

Frigg who mothered Baldur embraced herself and set out to bring back her beloved son. Gods asked Hermod the Messenger to go to Helheim asking Hel to let Baldur go because all creatures in Nine Worlds were grieving for Baldur's death. Then Hel the Queen requested gods to ask for all the creatures to cry for Baldur's death. If one did not cry, Baldur could not go back. 

Everyone in the cosmos did cry because of Baldur's death, except for the murderer. Loki at that time disguised himself as a giantess. Being asked to cry for Baldur, the giantess (Loki) refused. This left the gods and other creatures heart-broken for they could never see Baldur again. When Baldur emerged himself from Helheim, it was the end of Ragnarok when nearly all gods rest in peace. 

Loki ruined a feast by insulting the gods

This occasion really helped Loki to win the 1st prize in the competition for the rude. One day, Aegir the King of Party in Norse mythology held a party and invited all gods to his party. Somehow, Loki felt annoyed because of Aegir's servants who welcomed the guests only to complement them. So Loki killed one of the servants to rid of his annoyance.

Gods were so angry that they drove Loki away. But a few moments later, the trickster came back and his mind full of revenge. After entering the hall once again, he started to insult the gods by saying them being easy, cowardice, unmanly, etc. This was the last straw that forced the gods to abandon Loki away from Asgard. 

The only thing that made Loki stop insulting was Mjolnir Hammer of Thor. Only when the god of lightning threatened to smash the skull of Loki into pieces, he stopped his insult. Then from that moment on, Loki could no longer stay in Asgard. Or maybe deep inside, he no longer felt comfortable to dwell among the gods. 

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