Norse Gods in Love: Roam Nine Worlds, Die of Grief, And Never Leave

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Norse Gods in Love: Roam Nine Worlds, Die of Grief, And Never Leave

Love story has forever been a captivating topic for any generation. In Norse mythology, there were three goddesses vividly showing how great their love was. They were Freya Goddess of War who travelled the Nine Worlds to find her husband, Nana Baldur's Wife who died at her husband's funeral, and Sigyn Loki's wife who never left Loki no matter what he had done. 

Freya: The Wife In Pursuit of Her Disappearing Husband

Freya was the goddess of war who shared half of the fallen warriors with Odin the Allfather. She was also the goddess of beauty in Norse mythology. Freya was so beautiful that any creature in Nine Worlds would fall in love with her. 

She was also known for the love story with a mysterious man - the only husband of Freya. His name was Odr and together they had two daughters. Nothing more was known about the husband of Freya. 

On one day, Odr suddenly disappeared without saying anything to his wife. Freya was left broken. She sobbed uncontrollably and started to find her husband.

Freya suffering when her husband suddenly disappeared. This became a famous love story in Norse mythology

Freya travelled the Nine Worlds to find Odr. But Odr seemed to vanish without traces. But Freya never gave up finding her husband. Every time Freya cried, the precious stones fell out from her eyes. They became the most beautiful stones in the cosmos. 

Nanna: The Wife Couldn't Get Over the Grief of Her Husband's Death

Nanna was the wife of Baldur the most beloved god in Norse mythology. Little was known about this goddess. But the most famous tale about her was at the funeral of her husband. 

Baldur was the son of the chief god Odin and chief goddess Frigg in Asgard. But when he grew up, he kept dreaming the same thing with his mother who was a seer. They dreamt of Baldur's death. 

Frigg Baldur's mother found many ways to prevent the death of her son. But they never escape the thread of fates by the Norns. 

Knowing that Baldur could only be hurt by the mistletoe, Loki created a mistletoe arrow and tricked the blind god Hodr to throw it toward Baldur. The arrow hit Baldur in the chest resulting in his instant death. 

Nanna wife of Baldur was so much in pain after the loss of her husband. In the funeral of Baldur, Nanna died of grief

In the funeral of Baldur, Nanna died of grief as she could not get over the loss of her beloved husband

On the funeral of Baldur, he was placed on the ship which the gods were about to set it on fire. Maybe the loss of her husband was so devasting for a woman like Nanna. She felt dead the moment she saw her husband's body resting on the ship. 

In later depictions, Nanna always appears as a grieving wife with tears brimming her eyes. 

Nanna with her tears brimming her eyes. She could not get over the death of Baldur her husband

Sigyn: The Wife That Never Abandoned Her Murderous Husband

Sigyn was the wife of Loki the most notorious trickster in Norse mythology. Loki was also the main culprit of the death of Baldur Odin's son also Nanna's husband. 

Loki got punished for his savage misdeed. Norse gods captured Loki but they didn't choose to end Loki's life. They made the sons of Loki kill each other and used the entrails of the dead son to bind Loki to the rock in a cave. 

During this terrible time of Loki, only Sigyn his wife stayed with him. She got over the death of their sons. Sigyn never abandoned Loki even if he was the main reason why their son had to die. 

Sigyn goddess of loyalty and fidelity in Norse mythology. She chose to stay when everyone ran away from her husband Loki

No matter what Loki did, Sigyn chose to stay with him. She stayed in the cave where Loki was bound. This loyal wife held a bowl to collect the venom dripping from the snake lying above Loki's head. 

Sigyn is the best model of the traditional wife who can forgive her family members just because she loves them so much. 

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