How Powerful was Odin?

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How Powerful was Odin?

Odin was the Aesir chief god who presided over the stronghold of Asgard. In Norse mythology, Odin occupied so important a role that no one could ever replace. But how come he become so influential and how powerful was Odin the Allfather?

God of Wisdom

Odin was known for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He was willing to pay any price to gain knowledge. Odin once traded his eye in a sip of the holy waters that would give him knowledge. From that moment on, even though he could only externally observe the world with one eye, he internally knew numerous things.

Image of Odin the Allfather exchanged eye for knowledge

Odin traded his eye for knowledge

Another famous pursuit of knowledge was when Odin hang himself on the branch of Yggdrasil and got tormented so that he could decipher the meaning of Runes.

Moreover, Odin also had a pair of ravens perching on his shoulders and telling him the stories of the Nine Worlds.

Though Odin was not the wisest being – this title was given to Kvasir – the nonstop chase to better his knowledge was undeniable and should be a shining example of learning forever.

God of War

Odin might not own the muscular and youthful appearance like Thor though Odin could shapeshift into kind like that. But what we often see is an old man with a long beard and without an eye. However, Odin presented the warrior spirit within himself. He ruled the Valhalla palace – the Hall of the Fallen. In Valhalla, he dwelled with many brave fallen human warriors. He trained them into better warriors and promised them a life that others would envy. He and Freya shared the warriors with each other as well. In Ragnarok, Odin was the leader of the Gods’ side.

Image of Valhalla Palace of Odin

Actually, Odin did not usually take part in the battles himself and there were few surviving war myths about him. He was more to provide the energy warriors needed to defeat their foes.

God of Poetry

Odin often expressed his thought through poems. He earned this ability by drinking the Mead of Poetry he stole from the giant Suttung. Odin spent a lot of effort and time taking hold of this magical mead.

Image of Gunlod and Odin with Mead of Poetry

Odin and the Mead of Poetry

The Mead of Poetry not only gave its drinkers the ability to speak in poems but it also gave them the knowledge to satisfyingly answer any question. Moreover, the Mead also gave its drinkers the ability to express their thought persuasively and meaningfully.

And yes, Odin drank the Mead (though he was not the only one who could taste it)

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