How Did Gods Punish Loki?

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How Did Gods Punish Loki? 

In the previous blog post, we have looked through the reason why gods decided to punish Loki. This blog post is to continue the story: How did Gods punish Loki. 

Long story short, Loki killed Odin's son. And that was why the Gods decided to punish Loki. But this punishment was the most severe one because Loki had touched the limit of the gods. In the prophecy of the Norse world, the death of Baldur was the first sign of Ragnarok. 

Knowing that Loki was the culprit of all the mess, Odin ordered all gods to catch Loki no matter what. But the trickster was so cunning that he hid on a top of a mountain. The house he stayed in had no door because he wanted to see all directions whether anyone was coming or not. 

But that day finally came when Thor and other gods assembled around the house. They found out the traces of someone living inside. The ash was hot explaining someone was just around. The fishing net was on the floor. And the gods came to the spring next to the house. 

Loki the Trickster changed himself into a salmon and diving into the water. No one could see him. But Thor as the son of Odin proved himself as a wise commander. He saw Loki and ordered everyone around to catch this little cunning fish. 

Thor caught Loki Norse mythology

Thor God of Thunder finally caught the traitor

Many attempts yet none succeeded. When Loki plucked up all of his courage to jump away from the water, Thor was as quick as a lightning grabbing Loki by his tail. There Thor managed to capture this traitor. 

Bringing Loki to the cave where the punishment would be carried out, Odin and other gods were there. They brought two sons of Loki there too. The gods turned one son into a wolf and let them kill one another. Then they took the entrails of the deceased son of Loki to tie him into the rocks. 

They placed above Loki a snake. Every time that the snake dripped his venom on Loki's face, it literally hurt like hell. Thanks to the faithful wife of Loki, Sygin, who held a bowl to collect all the venom for Loki, Loki had to endure no pain. 

This punishment, after all, has always been considered as the most brutal punishment in Norse mythology. And after this punishment, Loki spent his time inside the cave until the days of Ragnarok finally came. 

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