Double Wolf Head Viking Jewelry of Odin's Offspring

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Double Wolf Head: Viking Jewelry of Odin's Offspring

Viking jewelry always strives to honor the incredible power of Viking gods and Viking belief as a whole. This blog post is going to celebrate the Double Wolf Head Viking Jewelry which presents Odin and his supreme prowess. 


Odin the Allfather in Norse mythology inspired many modern arts. We might get used to the name "Odin" in Norse myth but how much do we really know about this great figure?

Image of Odin and his wolves Odin's symbols Viking Jewelry

Modern artwork of Odin and his pair of wolves

Odin was the Aesir chief god who ruled over Asgard, land of God. Odin was known as God of war because he possessed a Great Hall for the fallen warriors who would support him in Ragnarok. His hall was Valhalla. Odin was also the most omniscient Viking god. To Odin, wisdom was welcome whatever form it might take. He would not hesitate a moment to exchange anything he had for knowledge. For example, Odin once traded his eye to gain more knowledge, which reasoned for the common depiction of one-eyed Odin. Even though Odin didn't make it through Ragnarok, his legacy was carried onto the new world by his sons and folks. 


After fashioning the cosmos with his brothers, Odin started to travel alone. So he decided to create a pair of wolves, Freki and Geri. The wolves quickly became constant companions with their master. This ruler of Asgard travelled Nine Worlds with his wolves and they populated the cosmos with wolf offspring. Legend had it that, Freki and Geri always found it hard to find their preys so Odin created a pair of ravens to help them. Then Freki and Geri managed to hunt thanks to the ravens. In return, the wolves would share their food with ravens. It was also believed that Odin offered the wolves all of his food and he drank only wine. In the modern sense, wolves and ravens always accompany each other in the wild. 

Image of Wolves and ravens Viking mythology Odin's symbols

Wolves and ravens appeared in the wild

Odin also created the humanity and told them to learn valuable lessons from Freki and Geri. Those lessons were: how to hunt, how to collaborate, how to walk alone, or how to care for and defend the families.


The close connection with Odin can attest that double wolves can symbolise Odin and his presence. The design of double wolf head is inspired by Freki and Geri. This somehow reminds us of Ragnar Lothbrok's temple raven tattoo. A pair of ravens were Odin's symbol so the Viking raven tattoo on Ragnar's template was to present Ragnar was Odin's offspring. Ravens once perched on Odin's shoulder and whispered into Odin's ears. The same thing happens to Double Wolf Head Viking Jewelry. 

Image of Ragnar Lothbrok Head Tattoo

Viking Raven Tattoo in the temple of Ragnar Lothbrok

This piece of Double Wold Head Jewelry presents Odin is there with us. Besides, it also reminds us of the Odinson blood running in our veins. We are accompanied by a pair of wolves and we are supported by Odin and his power. And we are Odin's offspring who would continue to preserve Odin's legacy. Double Wolf Head Viking Jewelry symbolises the lessons that Freki and Geri once taught the very primeval humanity and the Norse wolf spirit that would bow down to none. 

Image of Double Wolf Head Viking Jewelry Odin Jewelry

Wolf Head Handmade Leather Braided Torc Necklace


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