6 Norse Gods Empowering the Vikings (Part 2 of 2)

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6 Norse Gods Empowering the Vikings (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of 6 Norse Gods Empowering the Vikings, we have discussed the first three Norse Gods. This blog post is to give a vivid account of other three Gods who the Vikings also worshipped and were held in high esteem: Freya, Frigg, and Bragi. 

Freya: Viking Goddess of War and Beauty

Freya was the daughter of God Njord who was the seafaring god. She had a twin brother whose name was Freyr. This Freyr god was the god of summer and sunshine. Meanwhile, Freya was the goddess of beauty and war. Freya was so beautiful that almost any creatures and races in the cosmos fell for her. But a mysterious figure named Od won the heart of the beauty. The sudden disappearance of this man broke the heart of Freya and she travelled the whole cosmos trying in vain to look for her husband. 

Image of Viking goddess of war

Modern artwork of Freya Viking Goddess of War

The Vikings also worshipped Freya because she was the goddess of War. Freya and Odin shared the fallen human warriors to come and dwell with them. While half came with Odin to Valhalla Hall of the Slain, the rest followed Freya to join Folkvang the Field of the People. 

Many people believed that the Vikings respected their women somehow related to Freya. 

Frigg: Viking Goddess of Love, Motherhood, and Calm

Frigg was the Aesir chief goddess and was the wife of Odin the Allfather. The most touching story of Frigg was when she traveled the Nine Worlds and asked all creatures to swear not to harm her child, god Baldur. She was so upset when dreaming about her child's death. From that moment on, she tried so hard to save her child from his fate. But no matter how hard she struggled, Frigg just couldn't alter the destiny. 

Image of Frigg Viking God of Love

Frigg Viking Goddess of love, motherhood, and secrets

When the fate finally found Baldur, Frigg totally collapsed. Because what she strived for just left her. One awesome thing about Frigg at this point was that when everyone was shocked and mourned for Baldur, Frigg composed herself enough to deal with the problem. She planned a journey to Hel land of death to retrieve Baldur back. However, this plan ended up nowhere and Baldur only came back to life after Ragnarok when everything of Norse glory collapsed. 

Bragi: Viking God of Entertainment, Music, Poem, and Eloquence 

Image of Bragi Viking God of Entertainment

Bragi welcomed guests on behalf of Odin

In Norse mythology, there was a god known as Bragi who was the God of Poetry, music, and eloquence. Well, the Vikings loved to feast and have party time with their folks so it was reasonable why they worshipped Bragi God of Entertainment. 

Bragi was the son of Odin the Allfather and he was the husband of Idun the Aesir guardian of the golden apples. Bragi always made people in the hall feel at homes. His words were warm, supportive, and totally constructive. He welcomed the guests on behalf of his father, Odin. He had a bench in Valhalla and played the music to entertain the fallen warriors in Valhalla. 

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