Don't Test The Viking Blood For They Can Kill You On The Spot

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Don't Test The Viking Blood For They Can Kill You On The Spot

What makes the Vikings famous that most do you think? It is their cruelty and the violence of these raiders. If you ever offended the Vikings, they wouldn't hesitate the second the wield their axe. Because if they had enough courage to kill and not hide their actions, they would only get rid of the death sentence with an amount of money as a fine. 

Even though the Vikings were from the medieval time, they had a quite complicated system of rules. Most conflicts were between the families. If they couldn't solve the problems themselves, the Thing which was kind of ancient court would have the final words. 

Image of the Viking warriors

The Vikings would wield and behead anyone who dared to affect his responsibility

To be summoned to the Thing was not something simple. But the sides took part in were always trying to reach a settlement. Viking could be fined, sentenced to death, or outlawed. If a case was sentenced outlaw, the murderer would have to go exile. 

Another way to reach a settlement was a fighting between the men both of whom wanted to win property or the heart of the woman. 


In the Viking law, there was no prohibition of killing someone in the public as an act of revenge. One could kill anyone that they reasonably hated for they murdered or stole something from them. And that person had to carry out the action in the public. Because it was seen as a sign of honesty. Also, the one that already took revenge shouldn't run away and had to bear the responsibility with the family of the person he had just killed. The responsibility most of the time was an amount of money. 

There was a Viking man telling the story for the boys. The murderer who wanted to revenge sneaked into the room alone and killed that one person that had been sleeping. This was considered to be despicable. The one that sneaked into the room faced the death sentence. 

Image of Vikings Viking warriors

Rollo a Viking warrior in "Vikings" TV Series


The Vikings could be the most brutal warriors who came and raided the mainland of Europe. But in their homes, they had to face the penalties for killing someone. The whole family of the murderer would have to bear the burden together. And they had to pay a number of the fine. The money had to be equivalent to 18 cows which might cost up to 180,000$.

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