10 Things about Freya that You Don't Know

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10 Things about Freya that You Don't Know

How much do you actually know about Freya the goddess? Or you just read some materials about this goddess or just hear about her name. This blog post is going to summarize 12 important things related to goddess Freya. 

1. Freya was a goddess but she didn't come from the Aesir tribe like popular gods like Odin or Thor. She was from the Vanir tribe which possessed the natural magic. 
2. The conflict between the Aesir and the Vanir was because of Freya

In Norse mythology, Freya usually disguised herself to travel around the world to spread her power. Gods learnt about this mysterious figure (Freya in disguise) so they commissioned her to Asgard to see her power. But gods soon realized they revealed their shortcomings when they spoke with the mysterious wanderer. So they decided to kill her. But three times they tried to burn her, three times she came out the fire safe and sound. Once the Vanir god tribe learnt of this so the two armies fought day and night. But there was no victory so the two armies had to end the war with a peace treaty. 

Image of goddess Freya

3. Freya was the goddess of beauty. She was beautiful enough for all species to fall for her. 
4. Freya had a twin brother whose name was Freyr. Her brother was the god of fertility.
5. Freya once got married to a mysterious guy whose name was Odr.

Then one day, Odr suddenly disappeared and whenever she tried to find him, she couldn't manage to do so. 

6. Freya rode on a chariot pulled by two cats. So cats and trees would be the ancient symbols

Image of goddess Freya and her chariot pulled by cats

7. When Freya was desperately finding, she cried a lot and her tears quickly became the most precious stones to make jwelry.
8. The word "Freya" means "lady" while the word "Freyr" means "gentleman"
9. She shared half of the dead warriors with Odin which coined herself the name "Goddess of War". Her meadow was known as the Folkvsngr.

Image of Freya Viking goddess of war

10. A gift to Freya from her last friends was her name was among the most common names for girls in Sweden. 

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