5 Amazing Viking Wonders that You Probably Miss

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5 Amazing Viking Wonders that You Probably Miss 

The Vikings didn't pass down on the future generations with great concrete construction or buildings. But we already have from the Vikings are truly amazing. They are not like the famous Egyptian pyramid or the hanging garden of Babylon. But these following 5 wonders dating back to the Viking age will dazzle you to the core. 

Gokstad Ship 

The appropriate way to begin is to start talking about the Viking ship. Looking back, the Viking ship is the greatest achievement of the Vikings for not only helping them travel across the ocean but also establish their reputation. Gokstad ship was found in the burial mound in Norway becoming the largest Viking ship in the site. And it is currently displayed at the Viking ship museum in Norway. During the reign of King Herald Fairhair, the Gokstad Ship was commissioned around the end of 9th century. Like the picture of Viking traditional culture, skeleton and goods were found in the Gokstad Ship. 

Image of Viking Ship Gokstad Ship

Gokstad Ship displayed in the museum

The skeleton of a man in Gokstad ship was believed to be a Viking warrior who died of battle wounds. 

Oseberg Ship

Another ship that shouldn't be missed out in the list is the Oseberg ship. The Oseberg ship played a very important role in uncovering many mysteries revolving around the Vikings. Unlike Goktad Ship, the Oseberg Ship possessed many decorations. The ship was believed to be in the form of a serpent. The ship was the burial of two women with many grave items. One woman was assumed to be the mistress while the other was the slave that the Vikings sacrificed along. The skeleton in the Oseberg ship opened a question as to whether the woman skeleton was a Viking Shieldmaiden (Viking female warrior). 

Image of Viking Ship Oseberg Ship

Oseberg ship displayed in the museum

Stora Hammars Stones

We owe much of our knowledge to the Store Hammars Stones. The stones pained a picture of the Vikings from the perspective of the Vikings themselves. These stones consist of four pictures, while the Stone I and III are quite clear, the rest are worn out. One picture on the Stones depicts a sacrifice scene with warriors, ravens, and Valknut Odin's symbol. The Stora Hammers Stones occupy an important role in the Viking remains. 

Image of Viking wonder stone artifact

Stora Hammars Stones

Vale of York Hoard

Some people might find it a little bit ridiculous to talk about the hoard when the topic is about the wonders. But remember the Vikings once were the sea raiders, not to say, pirates. So a hoard of treasure is very appropriate for the context. The Vale of York Yard was found in 2007 making it become the most recent finding. Additionally, Vale of York Hoard was also the largest Viking treasure ever found. The quality of preservation was so good that it stood the test of time. The amount of money in the hoard valued up to 1 million pounds. The treasure was either stolen or a tribute which remains a mystery. 

Image of Viking wonder

Temple at Upsalla

What left in the site of the temple are the pole roles once holding the pillars of the temple. Luckily, we have the drawing by Adam of Bremen depicting the temple intact and at the peak of its time. The temple was an important religious centre of the Vikings. Often, human sacrifices were conducted around the temple at Upsalla. What's a pity, the temple was destroyed.  

Image of Temple at Uppsala

Drawing of temple at Upsalla by Adam of Bremen

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