3 Viking Inventions that We Still Use

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3 Viking Inventions that We Still Use 

What the Vikings left are incredibly awesome. In the previous blog post, we have discussed the Viking Wonders which are of great value. This blog post is going to discuss 3 Viking Inventions that we still use as ordinary things in this day and age. Small as they might be, these 3 Viking Inventions significantly contribute to our life. 

The Bristled Comb

In the Viking ancient sites, archaeologists have found out many personal items including the Viking bristled comb with different tooth width. While similar inventions appeared in other regions around the globe, the Viking model of bristled comb paves the way for the modern Western comb. Many combs were found in the Viking sites. They might have been used to groom and fashion the hair and the beard of the Vikings. Indeed, combs must have been very important personal items to the Vikings because they loved to keep themselves as tidy as possible. 

Image of Viking invention viking comb artifacts

Viking comb artifacts


One cool thing about the Vikings was that they used fines to punish those who broke the laws. Of course, serious crimes like murder couldn't rid with a fine, rather a sentence of death. Anyway, Viking fine was a way to avoid any pointless bloodshed. In some ancient tribes, blood would be paid by blood. Instead, the Vikings would accept another way of payment for small law-breaking deeds.

Image of Viking culture Viking thing assemble meeting

A depiction of the Viking thing 

They would set up a trial that the Vikings called "the Thing" pointing to the meeting. The Viking freemen would gather discussing to decide the level of punishment. This tradition was carried to England and France by the Danes (the Normans) who punished the criminals with fines rather than executing them. 


Like the comb, different types of ski had been existing around the globe ever since the Vikings took up skiing as their favorite habit. But directly Viking skiing was the main inspiration for the modern western skiing. The Vikings loved to ski so much that it became the most common Viking recreation. In the Viking belief, there even existed a giantess of skiing known as Skadi. 

Image of Viking skiing

Skiing was the most common Viking recreation

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  • You are forgetting the keel og boats. One of our most useful inventions.

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