Yggdrasil Viking Tree of Life: Viking Jewelry of Fertility

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Yggdrasil Viking Tree of Life: Viking Jewelry of Fertility

Trees have always been the symbol of exuberance and youth. The term “tree of life” has appeared in many mythologies, tales, and even modern artworks. This attests to the super-incredible and super-inspirational power of nature within a symbol. In Viking belief, as many of us might know, there is a Great Tree of Life that steps beyond the power of gods. No one in the cosmos can ever replace its position, deny its importance, or explain its existence. Its name is Yggdrasil which also becomes a favorite symbol for Viking Jewelry design. Carry on reading to unveil the layers of meaning of this divine Viking symbol.


In Norse mythology, no one ever knew the birthday of Yggdrasil Tree. It just appeared in the cosmos ever since everything was created. This Norse Great Tree of Life connected the whole cosmos together. By what way? There were Nine Worlds in Norse myth and Yggdrasil held nine of them within its branches and roots. The tree just perfectly held the cosmos and still stood straight in the middle of the universe.

Image of Viking Yggdrasil Tree of Life Viking Symbol

Yggdrasil held Nine Worlds within its branches

There were many amazing tales revolving around Yggdrasil. Odin also appeared in such tales many times. For example, Odin once hung himself on the branch of Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights. He did so to gain the ability to decipher runes the Viking magical letters. Odin made his sacrifice on Yggdrasil Tree of Life and became the first to introduce runes to the cosmos.

Yggdrasil suffered the most agony in the cosmos according to what Odin said. But the Tree always stood tall and never fell. Many creatures living in the tree trunks always bit the leaves. Under the root of Tree, there was a dragon called Nidhogg. The dragon gnawed the root in order to make the tree collapse.

Image of Yggdrasil Tree

Yggdrasil Tree never collapses

After Ragnarok, Yggdrasil still continued its destiny of connecting the worlds. Yggdrasil even sheltered two humans who repopulated the world after Doom of Gods. But as the glory of Norse Pantheon perished, Yggdrasil though existed no longer heard much. But the Viking Jewelry of Yggdrasil these days just captured the whole spirit of Viking Yggdrasil.


The meanings of Viking Tree of Life varies from people to people. With the technological influence and surrounded pressure, people find it hard to find to the true meaning of life.

This Viking Jewelry of Yggdrasil is for those who wish to find a true meaning of their being in this universe.

For others, this Viking Yggdrasil Tree of Life is to present their love and respect toward the green environment just like the Vikings once did. They appreciated what nature gave them. They consumed the food from nature. So carrying into this day and age, the symbol is a thank-you letter to the Earth for what the Earth has blessed us with.

Image of Yggdrasil Tree of Life

Yggdrasil Tree of Life Earrings

Other interpretation is that the symbol is the journey of life. Everyone steps the very first pace in the world since their infancy (seed) and they are raised and grow up to be an adult (tree). The branches of the trees symbolise the different paths or exactly the different choices in one’s life.

Image of Yggdrasil Viking Jewelry

Yggdrasil Pendant

Or simply, the symbol presents a strong woman who is born to stand tall and go through any obstacles in life. A Viking shieldmaiden is a perfect example of this interpretation. The shieldmaidens once were the greatest female warriors. They lived and fought until their bones collapsed. Shieldmaidens never backed down in any battles. So with this powerful Yggdrasil necklace, who dares to say women are supposed to live within the threshold?


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