Why Odin and Fenrir Became Sworn Enemies?

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Why Odin and Fenrir Became Sworn Enemies?

As many of us might know, Odin and Fenrir were the sworn enemies in Norse mythology. The prophecy had it that in the days of Ragnarok, Fenrir would swallow Odin destroying the glory of Norse Pantheon. But what made these two become sworn enemies? Here are some reasons which might interest you. Note that this blog post is based on personal views of the writers only. 

Before discussing the reasons, we had better learn the backgrounds of them both. 

Odin the Allfather is not a strange name to people at this time. The Norse version of Odin has been adapted and featured as one of the key figures in modern blockbusters. In Norse mythology, Odin was the king god living in Asgard. He had a Great Hall for the Fallen warriors called the Valhalla. 

As to Fenrir, he was one of the most notorious figures in Norse myth for his crimes. He was the son of Loki the Trickster and this wolf was thrown up to Asgard as a way to prevent him from roaming the world.

Family's Origins 

The first reason why these two became sworn enemies rooted in their origins. They became from two tribes that had eternal hatred toward each other. This kind of bonding started from the Creation of the Cosmos when Odin and his brothers attempted to kill Ymir the First giant. So, technically, Ymir was the ancestors of Fenrir the Giant Wolf. 

So this means gods and giants hated each other and could not live in harmony. 

Odin, Vili, and Ve

Abusive Treatment 

Since Fenrir was just a little pup, Odin ordered to bring Fenrir to Asgard separating him from his family and brothers. 

The point was, everyone, despised Fenrir for his origin as a giant. What made things worse for Fenrir in Asgard was the prophecy that Fenrir would slay Odin in Ragnarok.

Nobody dared to approach Fenrir. He was treated as an outcast in Asgard.

Oath-Breaking Deed

As Fenrir lived in Asgard, he grew up at an incredible speed. Fenrir grew up as an enormous wolf and everyone feared that he would wreak havoc to the stronghold of  Asgard. This made gods come to the conclusion that they would trick Fenrir to tie him up. 

Odin the Allfather Norse mythology

The first two chains were forged by Thor to bind the wolf. But the two chains easily broke off when Fenrir used a little bit of his strength. The final chain was offered to gods by the dwarves. The chain was named Gleipnir. 

Odin promised Fenrir that as long as he could break off this Gleipnir chain, gods would free Fenrir. 

But when the wolf would not manage to break himself free from the chain, gods knew their time had come. They successfully tied Fenrir up and locked him up so that he could not roam the world. 

Fenrir lay near the river named Van biding his time for the days of Ragnarok to come.


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