Why Is Bluetooth Called Bluetooth?

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Why Is Bluetooth Called Bluetooth? 

Bluetooth is a very popular wireless technology in this day and age. But have you ever tried to figure out why Bluetooth is called Bluetooth? Does it relate to the tooth that is blue? This blog post is going to explain the origin of "Bluetooth" concisely. 

Let's start with an explanation about what is Bluetooth. Technically speaking, Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology for exchanging information within short distances. Bluetooth helps pave the way for many hi-tech devices later. In 19991 Bluetooth 1.0 was released, marking a milestone in new wireless technology. 

The inspiration for the name "Bluetooth"?

Bluetooth does not refer to a blue tooth. It is a nickname. Nickname of a Viking King. Specifically, Bluetooth is a nickname of a Danish King named Herald Gormsson. He lived around the middle of the 10th century in Denmark. Well, Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson was the one who managed to bring people together with non-violent negotiations which were somehow difficult in the Viking Age, weren't they? 

Image of Herald Bluetooth Viking King

A depiction of Herald Bluetooth

How was Nickname "Bluetooth" coined?

Debates as to why Herald was called Bluetooth are followed by many theories and rumours. Some claimed Herald got a bad tooth. Other believed that this king loved blueberries. None of them is persuasive enough. Truth is, we don't know exactly how "Bluetooth" nickname was coined. What we have is the materials that mention his name. 

The very first mention of "Bluetooth" is in the 11th century around 2 centuries after he passed away. It is known as the Roskilde Chronicle but the original version was lost and what remains is the copies of it. 

Bluetooth Symbol Explained

Image of Bluetooth symbol explained

Bluetooth symbol is a combination of two runic letters. Runes are the Viking magical alphabet used to foster communication between people and Gods. The creators use the initials of Herald Bluetooth. Merging the two initials, they finally have the Bluetooth symbol. The symbol consists of H (ᚼ) in younger form and letter B (ᛒ). There it is, the mixture of modern technology and ancient Viking traits. 

Image of Bluetooth symbol explained

H and B runic letters = Bluetooth

One last line, the word "Bluetooth" is just one of Awesome Viking Facts. In fact, we owe the Vikings many things including the English words we use today. One-fifth of the English language comes from Old Norse language. What a thing to be proud, isn't it?

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