Why Earthquake Happened in Norse Mythology?

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Why Earthquake Happened in Norse Mythology? 

In Norse mythology, earthquake is not identified as the shaking of the surface of the Earth resulting from the sudden release of energy creating seismic waves. But in Norse mythology, earthquake is created because of Loki the Trickster. The cause of this is rooted in the Death of Baldur son of Odin. 

Baldur was the only son of Odin and Frigg Queen of Asgard. He was among the most handsome gods in Norse mythology. But the handsome Baldur was destinated to pass away when he came of age. And that day finally came. As your guess, Loki was the main culprit of this occasion in Asgard. The trickster used mistletoe to make an arrow and threw it right into the chest of Baldur. 

The death of Baldur

Loki and the Death of Baldur 

As Loki knew that  only mistletoe could hurt Baldur, he quickly found a mistletoe and turned it into a sharp arrow. Loki gave the arrow to the innocent and blind god Hodr and guided the blind god to throw the arrow into Baldur. Got shot, Baldur fell dead on the spot. The Gods quickly knew Loki was the one who conspired to kill Baldur, they wanted Loki to face the death sentence.

But to capture this trickster, gods had made a lot of attempts. And after all, they could capture the murderer to make him pay for what he had done. 

The Gods brought Loki to a cave and took three rocks which they bored holes. Sons of Loki, Vali and Nari, were brought there. Vali, in the form of a wolf, killed his brother Nari. The gods took his entrails and bound Loki to the rocks with those entrails. Skadi placed a serpent above Loki so the venom of the serpent would fall on Loki’s face.

Gods captured Loki

A wife of Loki, Sigyn, stayed with him in the cave. There, she held a dish to get the venom out of Loki’s face. When the dish was full, she turned away to empty it. At such moment, the venom dripped on Loki’s face. The pain was so real that Loki screamed and writhed. People believed that the earth was shaken every time Loki writhed.
It wasn't until Ragnarok that Loki could finally broke the chain of the gods. 
Loki punishment in Norse mythology
Picture featuring Sigyn holding a bowl to collect all of the venom of the snake

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