What Were Other Thor's Names and How He Gained Them?

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What Were Other Thor's Names and How He Gained Them?

Thor was among the most important gods in Norse Pantheon. In modern time, Thor must be the most famous god thanks to the modern adaption. In Norse mythology and Viking culture, Thor was mentioned with different names. Here is the list of some of Thor's names and how he had these names coined. 

Hlóriði - The Louder Rider

Hloridi was one of less known Thor's name. Hloridi meant "The Loud Rider". 

In Norse mythology, Thor rode on a chariot pulled by two goats that were Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. They were not only the goats of Thor but also a source of sustenance for the gods. Thor could kill both goats and take their meat for food. The next day, Thor resurrected them from their bones and there he had the goats to pull his chariot again. 

Thor had his chariot pulled by two goats

Thor on his goat-pulled chariot crossed the sky

Every time Thor crossed the sky on his goat-pulled chariot, he would make the sound of thunder to the world below. That's how the Norse back then explained the thunder sound without science. 

Atli - The Terrible

Thor sometimes was called "Atli". He was nice and kind to the gods and to the humans that respected and worshipped him. He offered blessings and defended his beloved. As he wielded his hammer, he protected his beloved ones. 

But every time Thor wielded the hammer, it meant someone was going to die. The giants were the likeliest to get killed by the Mjolnir hammer. That's why the giant in Norse mythology feared Thor and Mjolnir hammer. Also, that's why Thor got called "Atli". Even if one giant did no harm to his beloved, Thor didn't feel like the giant, he would be slain. 

Thor God of Thunder and Storm wielded his Mjolnir Hammer to defend his beloved

Thor wielded his Mjolnir hammer to slay a giant in Norse mythology

Harðhugaðr - The Brave Heart / The Fierce Soul

Indeed, in Norse mythology, who could compare with Thor when it came to the Brave Heart or the Fierce Soul? 

Thor was the embodiment of physical strength and the fierce force in battle. The Vikings worshipped Thor as their major gods because they believed Thor could help them during the battle. If Odin was the embodiment of military wisdom that often appeared behind the warrior's lines, Thor appeared as the bravest warrior who led the team with his physical strength. 

Thor Norse God of Thunder and Storm VS Jormungand the Midgard Serpent

Thor Norse god vs Jormungand Midgard Serpent

Kon mœrar - The descendant of the land

In Norse mythology, Thor was the son of Odin the Allfather and Jord the giantess of the Earth. The name "Kon moerar" is actually a kenning that the acienct writers used to call the name of Thor in an indirect way. 

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