What Made the Vikings Such Great Warriors?

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What Made the Vikings Such Great Warriors?

Nobody can ever deny the fact that the Vikings once had a great impact on many parts of Europe. Their tradition and language were spread and their Old Norse language affected our English a lot. The biggest doubt is that what made the Vikings so powerful in the battlefield to control many of the European regions. 

But one thing we should bear in mind is that the Vikings did not win all the battles they were in. They had their defeats evidencing by both archaeology and literature. The mass grave burial evidenced that the Vikings had their days. Surviving accounts told many of the Vikings raids were doomed as well. Undoubtedly, the Vikings were rather successful when they attempted to raid.

Ragnar Lothbrok finally met his days. King Aella captured Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok a Viking legendary warrior was captured by King Aella of Northumbria. Ragnar met his final days in the hand of King Aella

Master of Surprise 

The Viking ships also known as the Viking serpents were powerful enough to carry the Norsemen cross the ocean. They were also small enough to appear out of nowhere and to travel across the river and lake. 

This happened in the raid in Lindisfarne in 793. The Viking came up in a gang of warriors all of a sudden and hit the monastery. 

Opportunist of political turmoil

It was a tumultuous period during the Early Middle Age. And the Vikings knew this was their golden opportunity and they should not let it slip away. 

The political turmoil in this time meant the kings and the princes were busy fighting all the year around. Because of this, they could not keep their eyes on their towns and people all the time. 

The Vikings were true opportunists. Because they knew where and when to raid

The Vikings knew exactly where and when to raid

The opportunity to become wealthy was just within their reach. They could never resist the temptation. Viking researchers agreed that it was not merely a luck that they chose what region to raid. In fact, the Vikings knew what region was strong and what was not. 

Skills more, armour less

Indeed, the majority of the Viking warriors were initially the farmers. Many of them could not afford a full set of armour to join the battle. But they had skills and experience which kept them alive during the battle. 

They lived in a time of war and their tradition idolized warrior and sacrifice in battle. So it was a requirement that each Viking man must master their own weapons. If he didn't join the army, he had the weapon to protect his family and his land. 

And they were not savage monsters who would just jump in the battle. They were the well-trained warriors. 

Technically speaking, the Viking warriors were the well-trained warriors

Technically speaking, the Vikings were the well-trained warriors

Most importantly, their spirit toward death was unique. The Vikings simply didn't show a hint of fear when facing the death. They viewed the death as another journey to come to Asgard and feast with the gods. Their deeply-ingrained belief in Valhalla Hall of Slain Warriors motivated them to fight until their last breath. 

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