What is Asatru?

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What Is Asatru?

Asatru or (Ásatrú) can be simply considered the rebirth of the pre-Christian indigenous faith of the Vikings or the Norsemen. The Vikings included not only people from Scandinavia but also from Iceland. 

This can be considered a faith and this faith honors many gods. Their gods included Thor, Odin, Freyr, etc. many of these names are famous in the modern time. The religion of the Vikings which the Asatru faith bases on was gone after the year of 110. It was because of the dominance of Christianity, mainly economically and politically. 

Asatru atlar

Asatru altar in the modern time 

Asatru came into being in the year of 1973 in the United States. It was granted official recognition in Iceland to become the second faith in this country. 

What is the belief in the Asatru community?

In Asatru community, they believe that the world came into being by a bipolar explosion. When the ice met the fire in a charm, it gave birth to the very first creature. And after periods, there came the gods who later created humanity. The world of men was called Midgard and the gods' world was Asgard. Nine Worlds appeared and all of them lied within the branches of Yggdrasil tree. 

Asatru ceremony in the modern time

There has been an increase in the number of people joining Asatru in Iceland

According to many sources, people in Asatru live their lives in accordance with the Nine virtues. They also hold rituals and ceremonies. 

Nine noble virtues in Asatru community

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