What Adjectives Can Be Used To Describe The Vikings

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What Adjectives Can Be Used To Describe The Vikings?

The Vikings were among the greatest warriors of the ancient time. They were true artists for they could live nearly anywhere. During the peace, the Viking warriors were also farmers and when their nation was at war, they would pick up their weapons and fight. Though they might play many parts in their life, the characteristic traits of the Vikings remained nearly unchanged from figures to figures, from roles to roles. These are the adjectives to describe the Vikings.

1. Ambitious

Yes, the Vikings were very ambitious. Don't ever think that being ambitious is selfish or stressful. In fact, it isn't. The life of the Vikings proved their ambition led them to a new better destination. For example, the Vikings were ambitious to learn more and to have more. With the motivation of their ambition, the Vikings travelled more and achieved more.

Image of Viking warrior Viking adjectives to describe the Vikings

Viking warrior with an axe to bend the world to his will

For example, the Vikings were so ambitious for more fortune and social status. Therefore, they set sail and travelled west. which made the Vikings gain many achievements. It all boiled down to the great ambition that made the Vikings successful and remembered. 

The ambitious attitude led the Vikings to the triumph and satisfaction no matter what obstacles were awaiting. The will and the dream to have more and to be the winners pushed them farther in their survival running race. The ambition helped them more than any great skills. 

2. Bold

If being ambitious is something hidden inside, being bold is the external reaction. Deep inside, the Vikings wanted something. They would definitely set out to grab it. One motivational and probably the boldest Viking quote I've ever heard is that "Odin gave his eye to acquire knowledge. But I would give far more". The quote did capture the whole spirit of the Viking boldness. 

Image of Viking quote Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok's quote in TV Series "Vikings"

The Vikings didn't hesitate a second in the face of true danger and even possible death. They were courageous and daring. The Vikings were bold warriors. 

3. Civilised

The civilisation of the Vikings could be primarily proven by two points: they respected their women and they judged their criminals. 

First off, the Vikings were very civilised for they respected their women. Many ancient tribes of the same time failed to do this though. The Vikings showed their women respect by giving them many basic rights. For example, the Viking women could own property and they could divorce. Some Viking women earned the high social status as well. 

Second, the Vikings judged their criminals in the court. The Chieftain would gather the people in a place and held the "Thing" which resembled the court in this day and age. Though the type of court in the Viking age was still in the form "Law of the Jungle", it was the first sign of civilisation in the ancient time. 

4. Feared 

Indeed, everyone feared wars while the Vikings would love to wage war to plunder and loot. There was a time the Vikings became the nightmare in Europe. Anywhere they went, they left nothing but battle and blood. They kept looting and raiding for it made them rich and they considered their actions as honourable. 

Image of Viking warrior Viking raids

With such bold attitude, nothing could ever hold back the Vikings from storming wars. They attacked the fortress, they abducted their victims, they took gold, etc. They were feared. 

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