Was Loki a God of Fire?

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Was Loki a God of Fire?

The question "Was Loki a God of Fire" wasn't a new question indeed. It appeared many times repeating the question without finding a proper question. This blog post is going to express some objective opinions that we gather from the Internet and the written sources. 

So was Loki a God of Fire?

Short answer: No, he wasn't
Long answer: 

First off, Loki wasn't a god, calling him a god right from the start was wrong. Loki was the son of a giant couple. So the blood running in Loki's vein purely belonged to the giant. Just remember that Loki wasn't a god right from the beginning. He was simply good at playing tricks and persuading other people with his fast talk. So he managed to persuade Odin to give him a seat up in Asgard among the Gods. Even though he could dwell with the God and sometimes be the counsellor to other Gods, he was never a God. 

Image of Loki norse mythology

Loki wasn't a god in Norse mythology

Second, saying that Loki was a God of Fire wasn't right. In Norse mythology, there was a character known as "Logi" which meant "fire". Because of this, many people have jumped into conclusion that Loki and Logi were actually the same person. Loki and Logi once encountered each other in the eating competition. And of course, Logi the giant won because who could ever win the destructive level of the fire? This type of tale can get us easily misunderstood, can't it? 

So was Loki anything in the myth? We cannot give a certain percent of Loki's contribution to the myth, but without Loki, there would have been no Norse mythology. 

Image of Loki norse mythology

Loki in ancient depiction

Although Loki wasn't the god of fire, he somehow embodied the qualities of the fire. He was creative and intellectual though his creativity was used to put other people in the trouble. However, Loki could always think of the new solutions to help other people out of their trouble. Through the whole course of the myth, Loki managed to keep his own fire of creativity. Fire was the symbol of both creation and destruction, so was Loki. He was the father of three notorious children who would wage the war of Ragnarok Doom of Gods in Norse mythology. Together with his children and army, Loki ignited Ragnarok bringing about the destruction to the cosmos. But soon after Ragnarok had come to past, a new world was created from the deadly fire of Ragnarok that sending the whole Midgard into the darkness.

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