Viking Story: Warrior Wanted Valhalla But Always Won the Battle

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Viking Story: Warrior Wanted Valhalla But Always Won the Battle 

The story went back to the Viking Age when a Viking warrior spent his lifetime fighting and fighting.

We will never be able to find out his identity as the story was spread through the power of words. He took up a life of a Viking warrior raiding and plundering with this kinsmen. Some fortune did he make but what he enjoyed the most in every battle was to fight along with his brothers and to worship Odin the Allfather.

But old age had to come and it spared no one. For a Viking warrior, to die on his bed because of sickness and old age was nothing honorable. It was believed that anyone who died because of sickness, old age, etc. would spend their afterlife in Helheim the land of the dead. 

Old age finally knocked at the door of this warrior. He became older and older as time progressed. But he still wanted to fight for the battlefield was his home and other warriors were his brothers. 

This old warrior lamented not because of pain or loss of the fight but because he won the fight. He and his brothers kept winning the battle. Glory was always by their side. Odin supported them so much that the old warrior thought that the Allfather didn't want them to enter Valhalla. If they kept winning the battle, they would have no chance to die in the battle. And if they couldn't die in the battle, they would never enter Valhalla. Dying on the bed was a shame to this old warrior. 

Skald. For this last chance shall we stand together on the battlefield.

Skald! For this one more time shall we stand together in the font line. And then I would join my brothers and Odin and other gods in Valhalla.

Years kept passing by and time kept flying and the man was getting older and older. 

Although there was no limit to the age of the warrior, this man was too old to encounter any enemy on the battlefield. To put it simply, he went out of age, not to say becoming a burden for his brothers on the battlefield. This made the old man worried a lot because he was about to go Helheim and he didn't want it. 

The old man came to beg his jarl to offer him a chance to fight an die along with his brothers. All friends of his had long come and feasted with the gods in Valhalla and he was simply waiting for Hel to ride on her horse to come and bring him to the land of the dead. 

Viking old warrior wanted to die but always won the fight

The Viking old warrior wished to die in battle but always won. 

Wish granted, the jarl allowed him to give him a chance to fight one more time on the battlefield. And this time, he sacrificed his life for the sake of his clan and for the sake of himself as well. The Valkyrie finally came and brought him to join Valhalla with his brothers. 

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