Viking Spillings Hoard: Largest Viking Hoard Ever Found

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Viking Spillings Hoard: Largest Viking Hoard Ever Found

According to the Viking archaeologists, the Viking Spillings Hoard has been the largest Viking Hoard ever found in the planet Earth. It was found on Friday 16 July 1999 on a field in the Spillings farm, Gotland, Sweden.

This hoard weighed about 67kg (~148 lb). About 14,295 coins have been unearthed. The initial purpose of the archaeologists to visit the site was to guide a team of reporters from Sweden to film for their project. Spillings farm was the chosen farm site for filming. 

Viking Spillings Hoard

Spillings Hoard

Viking Spillings hoard

About twenty minutes after they completed filming, they heard an alarming sound from the metal detector. 

"The display blinked 'overload' and then it turned itself off."

The site then was cordoned off and the crew from the museum was called up at the site. Instead of hiding the news, the Gotland Museum made it be known by the mass public and about 2,000 people visited the site. 

But it was until some days later that the archaeologists found out the largest hoard from the Spillings farm, which was about 1.5 meters away from the first find (4.9ft). 

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