Ideas of Viking Names for Little Warriors (Male)

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Ideas of Viking Names for Little Warriors (Male)

Following the previous blog post of Viking Female Names Explained, this article will discuss the meanings of Viking Male Names. If you are looking for a Viking name for your beloved pet (or even your son), this article is a true cracker!!!


Thor is nothing strange to us in this day and age as Thor Norse God is gaining more and more popularity. Whenever we mention "Thor", an image of a muscular man wielding a hammer and fighting for justice pops up in our head. 

Thor - one of the Viking names for boys

In Norse myth, Thor was a god of thunder and storm who defended his beloved and his people. He fought for justice and blessed the humanity. 


Indeed, Loki is another famous name now thanks to the modern adaptation of this god. In Norse mythology, Loki was a trickster who always put other gods in danger and embarrassment. But we seldom realize that Loki was the one that always came up with ideas to solve many Asgard problems. 

If your little-beloved ones share anything in common with this Norse god, fear not to call him Loki. 


Bjorn means "Bear". A noun. An animal - a bear. This name has also gained more and more popularity in the last five years thanks to modern movies. This Viking name can be written either with "o" or "ø". This name may refer to Bjorn Ironside who was Ragnar Lothbrok's in the Viking Saga. 

Viking names for boys

Viking berserker

Bjorn name occupies the spirit of the bear evoking the spirit of the Viking beserkers. The Viking berserkers were those who feared nothing and were ready to sacrifice their lives for the battles.


Wotan is another name referring to Odin the Allfather in Norse mythology. No more words needed to explain this god. In Norse myth, Odin was the Viking god of war, wisdom, and death. 

Odin the Allfather God of war and death

Odin the Allfather was god of war and death in Norse mythology


Ragnar is not a strange name in Scandinavian regions. And this name is also gaining more and more popularity recently. "Ragnar" means "the ruling power" or "god". 

Ragnar Lothbrok - Viking names for Boys

Ragnar Lothbrok in "Vikings" TV Series

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