Viking Kings: What Did They Achieve When in Reign?

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Viking Kings: What Did They Achieve When in Reign?

According to historians, the Vikings were not just muscular men with beard and violent deeds. Viking kings were great men with talents and military tactics. Indeed, there must be something special within them to make them a king, whether effort or inborn talents. 

Harald Bluetooth: First Viking Danish King

If you happen to know the wireless technology "Bluetooth", that "Bluetooth" is named after this famous Viking king. Harald Bluetooth was born in the tenth century. He was the son of King Gorm the Old and queen Thyra. 

In some accounts, Harald was mentioned as a man with an average height. But he quickly proved himself a warrior and became a King when his father died. 

Harald was the first Viking king who united the Danes into a single banner. In the Viking Age, the Vikings formed villages and communities but there was no nation at all. And it was Harald who united the Danes and erected the first birth certificate for Denmark - the Jelling Stone.

Jelling Stone Viking

On the Jelling Stone, Harald declared that he succeeded in uniting the Danes and converting them into Christians. Although the religious conversion at this time met much disapproval, Harald was proud of his new religion. 

Harald was the Viking king who was believed to erect many Viking forts around Denmark. Viking forts were known as the Viking Trelleborgs. 

Sweyn Forkbeard: First Viking King Who Ruled England 

Sweyn "Forkbeard" Haraldson was the son of King Harald Bluetooth. In history, Sweyn was raised up by Palnatoke a Viking chieftain. 

He ignited an uprising against his father with the strongest ally of Palnatoke. Indeed, Palnatoke had been hating King Harald Bluetooth for a long time. This chieftain was a committed pagan who followed the Norse path of worshipping Norse pantheon while King Harald proudly submitted to the cross. This deed of Harald's baptism was the seed of Palnatoke's hatred.

Sweyn Forkbeard

No matter where it was, land or sea, Sweyn Forkbeard violently suppressed the army of his father. 

After overthrowing his father, Sweyn became the next Danish King who had control over a great Viking army. 

Forkbeard became a nightmare for many English parts at that time. He continued his father's footsteps of raiding and pillaging. The small hit-and-run attacks now became larger political and territorial invasions. Sweyn's army was savage and would give no chance for their victims and enemies. 

Sweyn later made himself King of England; however, his reign didn't last long. 

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