Viking Jewelry Purpose: 4 Major Reasons, The Last Was Unique

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Viking Jewelry Purpose: 4 Major Reasons, The Last Was Unique

The common items that archaeologists often found in the Viking graves were jewelry. This can attest to the Viking tradition of wearing jewelry in the Viking Age. But the Viking Jewelry Purpose was not merely to improve their appearance. Beyond that purpose, there were a number of reasons why the Vikings loved jewelry. 


Go straight to the point, there are four major reasons for Viking affection towards their Jewelry. The Vikings wore jewelry to better their look, to show off their wealth and social rank, to present their faith, and to hack off for money. 

To better the look

The purpose of beautifying has been the main reason since jewelry came into being. Whatever people wear on their body. It adds extra style to your appearance generally. 

The Vikings adored their jewelry. The common pieces of Viking jewelry were necklace with pendant, rings, or arm-rings. The Viking women hardly wore earrings. 

Viking clothes pins depicting Odin with two ravens on his head. The Viking Jewelry Purpose was to better their appearance

Viking clothes pins depicting Odin with two ravens on his head

To show off social and wealth status

This is also an extremely ancient reason for wearing jewelry. People consider jewelry to be the luxury necessities. 

So the expensive and rare jewelry would be the best representative of the one person's wealth and fortune. And of course, the Viking Earls (wealthy and noble) would wear different and more subtle jewelry than the Viking free men. 

Hoard of Viking jewelry and money Viking artifact jewelry

To present faith

Belief in Norse Pantheon was core to the Viking daily life. Norse gods deeply ingrained in their mindset. One way to pay respect to the gods was to wear the jewelry related to religions. 

For example, many Viking warriors wore the Thor hammer pendant to join the battle. For they believed that the god of thunder and lightning would endow them with strength and bravery to knock out their enemies. 

Viking Thor Hammer Necklace depicting the ancient Mjolnir hammer pendant. But what Viking Jewelry Purposes

Thor Hammer Pendant Leather Necklace depicting the ancient Viking Mjolnir Hammer. The Vikings once wore their Mjolnir hammer pendant to oppose to the Christianity. 

During the collapse of their community, the Vikings wore pendant depicting their Thor Hammer to oppose to the Christianization. 

To barter for commodity

This, as far as we believe, is the unique Viking Jewelry Purpose. The Vikings often wore their arm-rings from which they would hack off some pieces. Specifically, when they bought something, they would break parts of their jewelry and exchange.

Usually, they put the part they hacked off on the scale and weighed in order to trade for the goods/service they wanted. That is to say, the Viking jewelry acted as the modern purse. 


As the chapter of new generation unfolds and the Viking chapter came to an end, what we now have is the inspiration and spirit of the ancient Vikings. It comes from the artifact and the sagas that we learn about this era. Inspired by the Viking tales and antiques, jewelry designers come up with many ideas. Though the Viking jewelry now is decorated with the stylish form, each piece still carries the meaning related to the Vikings. 

For example, the Mjolnir Hammer Pendant is for those who wish Thor's presence in their life. The design has been altered to match the liking of the modern people. But generally, it still bases on the archaeological artifact of the Viking Mjolnir Hammer Pendant. And the Mjolnir hammer pendant is sure to present your faith in Norse Pantheon, especially God Thor. 

Real Viking Thor Hammer Pendant Amulet with the runic inscription "This is hammer"

The historical Thor Hammer Pendant Amulet in the Viking Age. The runic inscription reads "This is Hammer"

Thor Hammer Pendant Necklace with Triquetra symbol Viking jewelry. The purpose of the Viking jewelry is to present their faith in Norse pantheon

The modern re-design of Thor Hammer Pendant Necklace. The pendant marries Mjolnir hammer and the Triquetra symbol. Runic inscription reads "Mjolnir"

Or take a look at the Runic Jormungand Pendant. Norse myth has it that Jormungand is among the worst villains. But if we view it positively, we learn that Jormungand is the symbol of the continuous life cycle and the principle of creation and destruction. We marry two symbols: Jormungand and Runes to offer the most stunning amulet.

Jormungand jewelry rune jewelry viking jewelry

The stylish collaboration of Jormungand biting his tail and the runic circle the wheel of the universe in Viking Jewelry

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