Viking Jelling Styles and Where to Find Them?

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Viking Jelling Styles and Where to Find Them?

The next Viking style in Viking Art and Where to Find Them Series is Viking Jelling Styles. 

Similar to the former Viking styles, the Viking Jelling Styles was a phase of Viking animal art. Viking Jelling Styles appeared at the beginning of the 10th century and last for the next 80 years. 

The name for this Viking art is derived from the complex of objects in Jelling, Denmark. This complex in Jelling is famous for the runestones of Harald Bluetooth who introduced Christianity into Denmark and unified it as one kingdom. 

Viking Jelling Runestone

A runestone in Jelling marking the introduction of Christianity into Denmark

Until Jelling Style, we can spot certain differences between it and the former Viking styles. The animal was depicted with the head in profile. The eye of the animal was either round or almond-shaped. The most remarkable trait was the curled lip and the thin elongated neck. The solid body and the spirals in the hip joints were special traits of this Viking style. 

Viking Jelling Style Viking Art

Viking Jelling Style depicted in the cup found in Jelling complex

Sketch of Viking Jelling Style

Viking Jelling Style Viking Art


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