Ideas of Viking Names for Little Warriors (Female)

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Ideas of Viking Names for Little Warriors (Female)

If you are looking for a Viking name for your little warriors (either your pets or babies), this is what you need. We are to break down some awesome Viking names. May you find your inspiration in our writing. (The list is not alphabetized) 


In Old Norse, "Freya" means "lady", a noble lady. If you have read pages of Norse mythology, "Freya" is the most likely name to pop up in your mind when it comes to female names. 

Freya was among the most important goddess in Norse mythology. All creatures in Norse worlds loved her not only because of her beauty but also her magic. She was wise and she was also the goddess of war - the only goddess with whom Odin shared warriors. 


"Sigyn" means "girlfriend of victory". Sigyn was also a character in Norse mythology. She was the wife of Loki. 

Despite being the wife of the most vicious villain in Norse mythology, Sigyn was the type of traditional wife. Even though Loki had done a bundle of bad things, she forgave. She would stay with him, no matter what happened. When the whole cosmos turned their back against Loki, Sigyn was the only one that stayed. 

Sigyn was the Norse giant of fidelity


Astrid is still a common name in Scandinavian countries. The royal families now still use it. Astrid means "god power" or "godly strength". 


One more name originated in heaven. "Ingrid" means beautiful goddess. Ingrid is now a popular name in Scandinavian regions. 


There are many translations of the word "Sigrid". But whatever they are, the word boils down to victory, wisdom, and beauty. 

Now, Sigrid is a common name that can be found even outside the Scandinavian regions. 


Wife of Odin the Allfather and mother of Baldur the beautiful shining god in Asgard. Frigg was the goddess of love and marriage. She was the Aesir chief goddess - the only one that could sit on the High Throne of Odin. 

Though in this day and age, people seldom use "Frigg" as a name. But the "Frigg" name remains a Norse name full of history and mythology. 


Sif was the goddess of beautiful golden hair in Norse mythology. Because Sif was the wife of Thor, many scholars translate "Sif" as "bride". And "Sif" was mentioned many times in the Edda. 


In Viking Saga, Gunhild was mentioned as a Viking shieldmaiden. The word is derived from "war" and "battle". 


Don't mistake this with "fairy-tale" or something. Saga was another name of goddess Frigg. 

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