Viking Bead Necklace Revealed Life Was Not So Dull

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Viking Bead Necklace Revealed Life Was Not So Dull 

A discovery of Viking bead necklace makes us come to believe that the Viking life was never dull and boring. 

It was a bead necklace made from more than 1,000 years ago. The archaeologists believed that the necklace belonged to a woman of importance in the Viking Age back then. It is currently in Jorvik Visitor Center in York, England. 

This Viking bead necklace is made from 51 glass, jet, and bead ambers. When it is exposed to light, it radiates different colors. It was found inside a grave burial but the archaeologists believed that the necklace was much older than the burial itself. Maybe it was a gift for the one in the burial for her importance and high social status. 

Viking bead necklace belonged to a Volva

Viking bead necklace belonged to a Volva 

The necklace consisted of many types of beads. And the diversity of beads made it noticeable. 

Besides being appealing to the eyes, the necklace was believed to connect with spirituality. 

In 1984, it was revealed to the public eye in a burial grave which was believed to be dedicated to a Volva in the Viking Age. A volva was a female shaman who practiced spiritual and important rituals for their community. She was put to rest with many valuable things related to her occupation when alive. 

The burial was stuffed with many valuable things and this made the archaeologists conclude that the woman was of importance in her community. Indeed, the grave would reflect social status and wealth. 

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