Viking Attitude: An Invisible but Invincible Sail That Helped

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Viking Attitude: An Invisible but Invincible Sail That Helped

It has been around 10 centuries since the last light of Viking glory shone from their majestic ships. Gone are the great and skilled warriors who feared nothing and bent the world to their will with an axe only. But the traces they left are more than the ships displaying in museums. They left lessons one of which is their attitude they adopted in the past. Viking attitude is not for anyone. Instead, it is for those who accept it to their life and seriously practice it. Because attitude never forms overnight, it will take time, it will make many worn-out. But after all, any effort will pay off. 

1. Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

In other words, it is the attitude of never giving up. The very thought of giving up in the Viking mindset is just impossible and somewhat despicable. Even harsh reality, for example the weather, deteriorate every effort of  their cultivation, this community still found a way to get over this. Note that it is not being stupid and over-persistent to one thought. This is about living for what is good for one person and his beloved. Failure cannot defeat a man with a Viking spirit. Because he who has the Viking blood running in his vein will never ever give up.

Image of Viking warrior motivation

Fall up 7 times, get up 8

2. Seek adventure outside

One person is granted their life for a reason. You are not meant to live your life in front of the TV or to let the smartphone dominate your life. Life is more than just doing the things that you hate to do. The Vikings once felt their ancestral land was not enough for their thriving, they stepped out and sought for more. Also, we are granted this life, be grateful for what we have and who is still with us. Seek adventure outside but never forget what is around us. 

Image of Viking ship motivational Viking attitude

The Viking ships helped them physically travel around the High Waves while their attitude was what made them through their invisible fear

3. Be bold and brave 

Needless to say, the Vikings were courageous. Without this characteristic trait, they would never have had so much achievement during their days. If one person is brave, it doesn't mean that he has no fear in life. He does have fear and ain't no one in this world can live without fear. But he who is brave decides to face his fear, live with it, control it, and make it his advantage. 

Image of Viking warrior the Vikings

Be bold

4. Wisdom is welcome in any form it might take

Whatever you do, listen to things around you. Don't laugh at other people's mistakes and failure because someday it might befall you. Listen to it and learn from it. If it doesn't teach you anything, it will give you a good time. The Vikings did raid and went to many places to wreck havoc. But sometimes they were not motivated by the material desire only. They wanted to learn something new, something helpful for their community when they returned. 

Image of Viking warrior

5. Women should be respected 

This is my favorite part whenever I talk about the Viking lessons for us. This is also the first trace that makes me realize that the Vikings were so civilized and even somewhat ahead of their time. Though it was true that the Vikings shared the responsibility as to "within the threshold" and "outside the threshold", their women from the beginning enjoyed basic rights that women from other tribes didn't have. And I think the great man is not the one who physically and mentally torture the woman. The great man is the one who can share with his wife the burden of housework and raise her up with all the energy he has. 

Image of Viking warrior

The Vikings respected their women which was not a common practice of the ancient tribe

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