Viking Artifacts Revealed International Friendship of the Vikings

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Viking Artifacts Revealed International Friendship of the Vikings

Viking artifacts always strike interest to many people because not only of the old age but also because it revealed a part of Viking history within it. In this blog post, we are two discuss some Viking artifacts that did not originate in the Viking parts, instead of on other lands. 

Buddha statue 

Except for Norse Pantheon like Thor, Odin, the Vikings had no Buddha. Yet, inside a burial was a Buddha statue that didn't originate in Viking age. Instead, the archaeologists found out a Buddha statue with careful packing. The statue was found with a leather strap encircling the statue as well as being able to shake violently. 

Viking Buddha Statue is a part of Helgo Treasure of a Viking burial mound

Buddha Statue excavated from a Viking burial mound

The figure was slim. The Buddha was mediating sitting in the form of lotus. The archaeologists believed that the statue must have gone for miles in order to reach the place of the Vikings. Two or more hundred years of travel are possible. 

The crozier

The Helgo Crozier, a part of Helgo treasure, originated in Irish or British. It could have been made for those of high power to carry. The crozier at sight revealed that not everyone could touch it. 

Crozier as a part inside Viking Helgo Treasure

Crozier from the Helgo burial

Dating back to 700s or 800s, the crozier was made with bronze and it was decorated with enamel and blue glass inlays. 

Bronze Coptic Scoop 

A coptic scoop was used for baptism ceremony which meant it was not a part of Old Norse Pagan belief. Baptism was a ceremony that marked the vow of one individual that that individual dedicated to the Cross. 

Viking scoop artifact

Allah Funeral Fabric

The "Allah" fabric was found inside a burial mound in Sweden. At first, no one really paid attention to what was written on the fabric. It was not until an Iranian scholar looked at the fabric that the secret was finally revealed. 

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